WikiLeaks - TIME Magazine

WikiLeaks' War on Secrecy: Truth's Consequences - TIME

A pretty good article. One of the better US media reports on the leaks including a great cover.

Copied from this:

Assange still has that "James-Bond-Villain" look in this one.

A few thoughts.

I do believe this will ultimately create a more secretive, locked-down government and corporate world. Future leaks will be fewer as governments and businesses revise their internal rules to lockup information. Laws will be changed so world governments can quickly shutdown and more easily prosecute these internet-based, nation-less entities like Wikileaks.

This could very well be the beginning of the end for the internet as we've known it. Government officials and business leaders around the world must be looking at this and realizing that an open internet provides a perfect media for leaks and is a serious threat to their power. I expect there will be a push around to tighten up the rules and change the paying field so the powers-that-be can more quickly control this sort of thing.

An easy way to establish control would be to give the internet to the carriers so that Wikileaks has to work with an ATT, Verizon or Comcast like entity to publish their stuff on the Web so that if you want to read my blog either you will have to pay Verizon for the "Independent Blog" channel or i'll have to pay them just to be listed (or both). Either way, i'll have to play by their rules and they won't have to be as friendly as they are now.

The internet of the future could end up being like cable TV is today but instead of a few hundred channels there will be a few 100,000 or maybe a million, each striving for ratings, continually lowering the bar in their quest for market share. Eventually we'll have 637,000 channels and nothing on. At least nothing threatening to our ruling class.


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