Capitalism at a Crossroads

Capitalism at a Crossroads - Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review

reflect for a moment on a small laundry list of what industrial-age capitalism hasn't been able to achieve in America during the last decade. Creating net jobs. Growing median income. Creating shareholder value. Creating net wealth. And that's just the tip of a titanic iceberg (for example, here's what an authentic prosperity probably doesn't look like: corporations booking record profits while towns, countries, and households go broke, banks boosting margins thanks to never-ending taxpayer life support, debt-fueled hyperconsumption substituting for happiness, and productivity spiking while empathy, trust, and a sense of meaning in work, life and play dwindle).

Hence, I'd argue that capitalism's got to do better — and to get there, capitalists have to aspire to matter. For too long, capitalists have taken people, communities, society, nature, and the future for granted — but today, they damn well shouldn't. Industrial-age capitalism is, we're discovering the hard way, predicated on extracting wealth from people, communities, society, nature, and the future

I'll buy that book The New Capitalist Manifesto


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