Broken Guardrails of Democracy

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Donald Trump and the Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy - The Atlantic:

A couple of thoughts...

Trump is the candidate of the Fox News crowd, nothing else. Most of what he says (believes ?) comes from the highlight reel of Fox News Crazy during the Obama years, The R's had used the Fox News group to stop Obama policy and make pretty nice gains in the last few elections but they finally lost control. Trump is the result. (I'd like to see a map of Trump supporters vs Fox News ratings.)

On this
62 percent of Republicans insisted that “ordinary Americans” would do a better job solving the country’s problems than professional politicians.
Why wouldn't they think that? The pols, D or R, they elected sure didn't fix their problems.

If the establishment, either D's or the R's, had spent some of the last 30 years focusing on the plight of middle class Americans instead of the plight of big business, multi-national corporations, the filthy rich and war, these people wouldn't be up in arms.

The system is broken.

R voters think big bad government is to blame. D voters think the greed of the filthy rich and the multi-nationals are to blame. Both are right. The government the R's hate is the result of our "Government of the people" being captured by the filthy rich and the multi-nationals. The people are going to be up in arms until the government focuses on them again.

The R's lost control this year but the D's were close to losing it too. It took a herculean effort of the D establishment and the Media to hold off Bernie and put HRC in the seat. If things don't change, Their Trump will come.

Stop American Corrupitalism and get back to a government that works for more people and the Trump-Like candidates will fade into history.


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