MIlitary aid to Israel

Why Doesn't Obama Use Military Aid Package to Israel as Leverage? - Opinion - Haaretz - Israel News Haaretz.com:

Includes this...
Obama has already given Israel more military aid than any president in history. He’s dramatically boosted funding for Israeli missile defense, adding hundreds of millions of dollars per year to $3.1 billion that Congress allocates annually. Ehud Barak has already called Obama’s support for Israeli security “unprecedented.”
Who'd have thought.. Obama,... he hates Israel right?

and this...
American policy toward Israel is a charade. U.S. Presidents know that actually using their leverage over Israel would spark a brutal fight with AIPAC and its allies. So they willingly abandon that leverage and then ask Israel to do the very things they’ve surrendered any chance of actually bringing about. Thus, America gets its plausible deniability; Obama can still say he opposes settlements. Israel gets to keep building them. Both sides win.

If I had Barack Obama’s ear, I’d make this plea: Do nothing. Don’t make any grand statements about the two state solution. Don’t sign the military deal. Leave it to your successor. Almost certainly, he or she will decide to continue the masquerade. But at least it will be their farce, not yours. 
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/1.740984

From an Israeli newspaper. You'd never hear that from the US Media.

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