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Lots of good shots here. Scan them all.  Roaming Charges: Darkness, Darkness

Wow. David Brooks admits decision making doesn't matter. We are all just captured by life. I suppose he wants those CEOs to take a pay cut since their decisions don't really matter.

The battle over fake news isn't really about fake news, it's about who controls the news. Fake news, by falsehood or omission, is fine if you want to go to war in Iraq, steal land from Palestinians, bomb Yemen, Syria or Iraq. Start revolutions in the Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, or Brazil. Hate the Russians,Chinese or Muslims, Paint Snowden or Wikileaks as a traitors or Israel as a democracy. Show illegal drugs as all bad or legal drugs as OK. Fight a war against dirty-hippie protesters. Paint cops or our military as always right and good regardless of how many civilians die. etc. Fake News has always been around. The Internet has just allowed anyone to create it.

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