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Why the Tea-Party or the rise of Trump voters? Deep Stories | The Nation:

 " the “deep story” she tells about the Tea Partiers—of people who see themselves having tried to get ahead by playing by the rules only to watch the federal government favor and move in front of them those who have not—rings true with what I’ve heard during my own interviews with various Tea Party militants and Trump voters."
This fit the description of most I know here in eastern Indiana.
 The Tea Party has never been a single unified organization. Rather, it’s a collection of different groups that initially shared an opposition to President Obama’s stimulus program and the Affordable Care Act and that continued to organize around the name. 
I'd add President Obama's race to the list.
 These voters favored universal programs like Social Security and Medicare, but they opposed “big government” programs that they believed primarily benefited minorities and the poor and were financed with their tax dollars.
 For many of these Tea Partiers, “‘Democrat’ wasn’t a bad word” when they were growing up. “But it is now.”
Right-wing talk radio, Fox News. Alignment of the D's with minorities.The R's exploitation of racism.
 The Tea Partiers’ deep story goes something like this: They see themselves standing in the middle of a long line going up the hill of the American dream. The line isn’t moving, or is doing so very slowly. But these people are patient and work hard to get ahead. They are willing to endure hardship, including losing their homes to polluters, because they believe that through hard work, they will eventually move forward. But as a result of the actions of the federal government, people in the back of the line—minorities, immigrants, the poor—are allowed to cut ahead of the hard-working Tea Partiers
Yep. The R's successfully convinced the middle-liners that it was the Government and "those people"'s fault while the D's failed to convince them the line was moving slow because of big business and the greed of our elite. Again, Right-wing talk radio, Fox News and the R's exploitation of racism helped swell the R's message. While the D's failed to sell their message because they are controlled by big business and the wealthy elite doing the damage.

The system is broken.

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