Jill Stein vs Hillary

Jill Stein Is Horrible. What's Your Point?

The D's really need to stop bitching about Jill Stein. I mean....Damn... you had a crappy product that people didn't like. What do you expect them to do.

Let's assume McDonalds brings out a new sandwich, The Hillary Burger. It just doesn't taste very good. You can stomach it but still its pretty bad. They run a giant test comparing it to the Big Mac but they carefully construct the test so that it favors the new sandwich. They use a lot of Big Mac haters, throw in a some family and friends of the people who developed the Hillary Burger, talk down the Big Mac, etc.

The Hillary burger comes out on top in the test but it's very close.

Still, they are still McDonalds. The best burger joint. They know what's right. People love their burgers and the other burger joints are selling some pretty crappy stuff right now too.

So they take the new burger to market nnd,.. it just doesn't sell very well.

It looks like it could flop.

They promote the hell out of it but still, it doesn't sell.

They talk about how crappy their competition is but it still doesn't sell.

Finally it flops. Their customers rush to the other burger joints. Their sales fall and they become a third rate burger joint.

Now, for the Jill Stein, Bernie haters out there the question is,..

What should McDonalds do?

Bitch about their how stupid and crappy their customers are for going to those other burger joints.


Make a better product.


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