Tax Overhaul

Tax Overhaul: Where Art Thou? Republican Divisions Widening, Mish Suggestion | MishTalk:
I have a simple suggestion: Cut the corporate income tax rate to zero and be done with it. Instead of US corporations rushing to do business elsewhere, foreign and domestic corporations will seek out the US as a place to do business.
Yep. The start of the great race to the bottom.

We cut tax rates to zero, then the other countries cut to zero so we're back where we started. So..

We give them a tax credit of some kind to move here, you know for the jobs. Other countries do the same.

Corporations move around grabbing all they can and leaving for greener pastures whenever they can work a better deal, always taking the tax dollars with them. Wealth drifts upward.

It's been happening in the US for 40 years. Might as well take it world wide.

American Corrupitalism at its finest.

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