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The cost of admission for the Cabinet dinner is included in a package for either $100,000 or $250,000 to the presidential inaugural committee, while dinner with Vice President-elect Mike Pence is open to donors and corporate underwriters at the $500,000 and $1 million-level as part of multi-day itineraries, with the level of access determined by the amount of cash given, according to inauguration brochures obtained by POLITICO.

Fill that Swamp!!

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Medical Bankruptcy

The Myth of the Medical Bankruptcy - Bloomberg View:

So really, Megan doesn't really know if it's a myth or not.

I do know that for many of the working class people around me, losing everything to the health care system is a real thing. Since most people have insurance, the loss doesn't necessarily go to the medical establishment but instead to long term care.

If you're rich enough to afford good legal work or can tie farm assets up in a trust, you can avoid it but most working people will spend there last days in some type of long term care while the system slowly absorbs their life's savings.

That is the real "Death Tax" and it is targeted directly at middle/working class people. The rich can avoid it through the legal system and the very poor really have nothing to lose.

The middle class gives everything they have back to the system in the last few months of their lives.

Again, that is the true "Death Tax".

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Israel is a Rogue State

Israel is a Rogue State: Yep....

"In a 2014 speech Duncan described Israel’s on-going policy towards the Palestinians thus: “Settlements are illegal colonies built in someone else’s country. They are an act of theft, and what is more something which is both initiated and supported by the state of Israel.” 
He goes on: “Settlement activity is not carried out by some minority group outside the orbit of the Israeli state. Settlement activity is systematically initiated, implemented and supported by the Israeli Government, who authorize, implement and protect the relentless illegal expansion of the borders of Israel. This is reprehensible.” 
Duncan then makes the key point that “It is no exaggeration to say that many settlers are state-supported militia, defying international law, driving out the rightful inhabitants from their land, and creating an illegal economy at the expense of those who have been cruelly displaced.”"

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Fake News?

Fake New? maybe... Propaganda... definitely

Iran repopulates Syria with Shia Muslims to help tighten regime's control

The population swaps are central to a plan to make demographic changes to parts of Syria, realigning the country into zones of influence that backers of Bashar al-Assad, led by Iran, can directly control and use to advance broader interests.

They may be "led by Iran" but I'm old enough to remember when Al-Assad was backed by Saddam and Iraq, enemies of Iran. Funny how bad guys we don't like or don't play by our rules are always aligned with the enemy of the month.


Good post here from Stumbling and Mumbling: on Retirement


Social Security

The rich are getting off easy.

Who Is Finished Paying Their 2017 Social Security Taxes? Probably Not You.

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Trump is refilling it.

Trump Nominee Jay Clayton Will Be the Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever.

America's incoming top cop on finance is literally married to industry
What makes this situation somewhat unique is the fact that this incoming SEC chief is also married to a broker at Goldman Sachs – his wife Gretchen is a wealth management advisor. This means that a significant portion of Clayton's family income while in office will presumably be coming from a company he is charged with policing.


Free Trade vs US Manufacturing Jobs

I think everyone agrees that free trade did cost the US some manufacturing jobs, not all of the lost jobs but a good portion. Technology and other factors played their parts too.

My issue is that no looks to see who is really responsible for the jobs leaving the US.

I mean... Trump is mad at China and Mexico for taking our jobs!? WTF?

I mean it's not like China or Mexico forced US manufacturers to move there. That BS didn't start over there. It was started right here in the good-old USA by god fearing Americans.

American business leaders made conscious decisions to move their factories to China and Mexico. No one held a gun to their head. American business leaders made those decisions. American Business leaders lobbied American politicians to make those free trade agreements.  They wanted more profits so sold out their employees and moved out of the country.

They chose profits over the good of their country.

Now they want you to believe that the Liberal free-traders did it and we should turn the reins of the country over to the same business leaders that sold us out in the first place.

Yeah... Trump and the R's are going to fix that.

Yes Folks, Trade Really Did Cost Manufacturing Jobs | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research:

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Trump to tap ex-Sen. Dan Coats as intelligence chief - POLITICO:

My god... Dan Coats is as deep in the swamp as you can get. A career Pol/lobbyist who has split the last 20 years or so living in DC as either a lobbyist or rep from Indiana.

He's fucking Evan Bayh in R clothing. A Washington insider who comes back to Indiana just long enough to win an election then goes back to DC to get rich or help his pals get rich.

Drain the swamp my ass.

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Bad Government

A good post here from Gin and Tacos  AT CROSS PURPOSES | Gin and Tacos:

The opening line should be included in those "lists of laws" you see from time to time, like Moore's law, Murphy's law, etc..
If someone running for office insists that government is bad you can rest assured that if they get elected the government that follows will in fact be very bad.
Maybe shortened to something like.....
Electing someone who claims government is bad will guarantee bad government.
Make that a bumper sticker, poster, or flag and plaster it everywhere.. and progressives could win an election.

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With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office - The New York Times:

Projection so yuge
On New Years Eve he held a party where people paid for the privilege of spending time with him. It wasn't a charity or a fundraiser. It was for Mar-a-lago his own club. The money went into his own pockets. People are paying to be in his presence. Like he's Kim Kardashian.

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More on Why we need Unions. A good read from The Devastating Transformation Of Work In The US
The percentage of workers engaged in alternative work arrangements – defined as temporary help agency workers, on-call workers, contract workers, and independent contractors or freelancers – rose from 10.1 percent [of all employed workers] in February 2005 to 15.8 percent in late 2015.