We are insignificant little people living in a corporate controlled world. Balkinization: No Day in Court: Big Business’s Attack on Access to Courts:

The US is the only country that can stop this. Israeli Troops open Fire on Palestinians. Hell, we wouldn't even have to demand it stop, just stop enabling it . The rest of the world, except Israel and maybe the UK, wants it to stop. We're the power behind the bully behind the death and destruction.

More on living in a corporate world. Leaked TPP Intellectual Property chapter spells doom for free speech online
The chapter dealing with the Internet is the intellectual property chapter, which tells you that as far as the negotiators were concerned, the most important fact about the Internet is whether people watch movies without paying for them -- not whether the nervous system of the 21st century through which we conduct our work, family, romantic, artistic, and political lives is appropriately safeguarded.

How do consumers respond to lower gasoline prices? We spend the difference on other stuff. Actually most people I know spend every damned dime they earn, beg, borrow or steal every week. Lower gas prices just let them eat out one more time a month.

Most gun owners support background checks and other limits. So why aren’t their voices heard? For the same reason that moderate Republicans are hard to hear (find?),  propaganda. Crazy talk radio, Fox News, and Right-wing websites pound the crazy right-wing ideas into the brains of the people. Then we add the NRA into the mix for the gun argument and you have a lot of zealots. At some point, you can't hear the moderates over the nuts.

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Some good numbers on our gun  argument here:

Teach your children well - by digby

And some sensible talk (From Naked Capitalism)
At a minimum, gun owners need to carry serious liability insurance, just like car owners. We now are expected to have more people die in 2015 in the US from gun deaths than auto accidents. Gun owners need to bear that cost just as car owners do for the risks they represent to others.  (From Naked Capitalism)
My favorite posts on guns

Stonekettle Station: The Seven Stages of Gun Violence

and a sane plan to help curb the problem.

Stonekettle Station: Bang Bang Sanity

Good Stuff

The Political Consequences of Mental Models | Ian Welsh:

Can we afford it? Stumbling and Mumbling

China's Traffic

India's Foam

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Oil discovered in Israel

From the Propaganda Network.

Potentially game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel | Fox News:

The headline says "In Israel" but later in the article they do say that the land is disputed
The rugged land, captured from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War and still under dispute between the two countries.
The wikipedia entry on the Golan Heights
Internationally recognized as Syrian territory, the Golan Heights has been occupied and administered by Israel since 1967. It was captured during the 1967 Six-Day War, establishing the Purple Line.
So, yeah, I'd say it could be "game changing" but probably not for the good of the people in the middle east.

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A good post here on Republican Jason Chaffet lying with charts.

Political Irony › Lying with Charts:

The short take. He presented this

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Wikileaks vs. the Empire

Wikileaks vs. the Empire: the Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth:
"To the rulers of the world in Washington and Europe, Syria’s true crime is not the oppressive nature of its government but its independence from American and Israeli power – just as Iran’s true crime is its independence, and Russia’s true crime is its independence, and China’s true crime is its independence.  In an American-owned world, independence is intolerable."

I'm not so sure "American-owned world" is the right term here. The current owners of the world are the money players behind the multi-national corporations. They are the drivers of this ship. Sure a huge portion are American but they come from all corners of the globe. America, it's economic and military strength, is just the tool they use.


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I'm old..

.. enough to remember when we were the good guys.

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan:

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Fiorina or Trump?

A good discussion of the two here: IN CHARACTER | Gin and Tacos:

A good one on Fiorina from the comments:
My favorite Fiorina-related metric is what happened to HP stock on the day she was fired. HP as a company was exactly the same after she was tossed as it was beforehand, except the name in the CEO box on the organization chart changed. This change sent the stock price soaring, to the point where the company’s market cap ended the day something like three billion dollars higher than it was when the day began. 
That’s right: the market carefully weighed Fiorina’s value as a corporate asset and determined that she and everything she brought to the table was worth negative $3 billion. I can’t think of any other example of someone’s fundamental worthlessness being established so clearly and so precisely by the almighty free market.

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The Experience Fallacy

The Experience Fallacy - A Wealth of Common SenseA Wealth of Common Sense:

"I’ve witnessed firsthand how easy it can be for very bright and experienced individuals to allow their past experiences to cloud their worldview. One of the biggest downsides of experienced practitioners is that many of them think they have everything figured out. It’s very easy for people to get stuck in their ways and not adapt with the world around them. Irrational ideologies are far more damaging to the decision-making process than inexperience. 
This is why we had Depression babies who were risk averse for decades after the Great Depression. Investors who came up during the 1970s expected interest rates and inflation to stay high forever. Almost everyone who invested in the 80s or 90s became complacent and assumed mid-double digit stock market gains were their birthright. The latest generation of investors have decided that the world is going to end once a week because we’ve lived through two huge crashes in the past 15 years."
.. or why people who lived and worked during the Reagan years think tax cuts are the answer to every economic issue.

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Who are the Terrorists?

"More than 1,991 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces and extremists since 2000, according to figures released by an international rights group Thursday."
Rights group: Israelis have killed nearly 2000 Palestinian children since 2000 | Informed Comment:

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