Why Trump?

This gets to the root of Trumps appeal. I think it's the reason Trump won overall. (emphasis by tnb)


The problem for Cruz was that a lot of True Conservatives aren't in it for the conservatism. They're in it because they think the tougher and more aggressive a candidate is, the more likely it is that that candidate is going to kick the asses of conservatives' enemies -- liberals, Democrats, RINOs, non-whites, Muslims, poor people, women who have abortions, gun control supporters, and so on. 
Cruz was undermined when Trump came along with a different form of aggression -- one that, to Republican voters, seemed more likely to result in ass-kickings for their enemies. Trump spoke, and liberals had conniption fits! Plus, he'd been such a successful businessman! So he must be able to carry out all the ass-kicking he promises, which is more ass-kickings than Ted Cruz seems able to dish out!

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Our Media: PR vs News

America now has nearly 5 PR people for every reporter, double the rate from a decade ago - Muck Rack:
So 15 years ago, there were two PR people for every reporter in the country. Now there are 4.8 PR people for every reporter

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What is Justin Fox Smoking?

A good post here but to lump Sanders in with Trump and Cruz and quote this (emphasis by tnb) is pretty out there (actually "fucking ridiculous" is probably a better description).
In the paper, Wallach traces the intellectual history of what he calls “the technocratic administrative state,” which has been subject to many challenges through the decades but seldom quite the outright dismissiveness that he says is being preached by three of the remaining major candidates for president (Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump). Wallach offers a few suggestions for upgrading the accountability of government agencies, which seem pretty sensible. But I’m not quite sure how we get away from the fantasy -- espoused by Cruz, if not so much Sanders and Trump -- that doing away with big government will somehow fix everything.
Learning to Love (Tolerate?) Big Government - Bloomberg View:

Sanders is fine with "Big Government", (how much bigger can you get than free college and Medicare for all?)  He just wants it to work for the people instead of the corporate elite.

Honestly, Trump and Cruz are probably ok with big government too, as long as it's only big for "their" people.

And,... The line above is actually Mr. Fox quoting someone else but it shouldn't be in the post.


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Free Markets can't fix every Problem

Navigating like a Norwegian: How Norway Dispels the Private vs Public Sector Myth - Evonomics:
"One key insight is to dispel the myth, pervasive in America and dangerously infective elsewhere, that the private sector does everything well and the public sector does everything poorly. Modern society requires an extensive infrastructure, which does not emerge bottom-up from unregulated markets. This has always been the case, in America as elsewhere, as my recent interview with Daron Acemoglu attests. One reason that the Nordic nations work well might be because they have not—yet—succumbed to the siren’s song of free market fundamentalism."

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Drug War

Illegal Drugs? It's not about the drugs, It's about who profits from the drugs.

Kingpins;OxyContin, Heroin, and the Sackler-Sinaloa Connection:
"In Mexico, when you attempt to buy government favors, it’s called bribery." 
"In America, when you attempt to buy government favors, it’s called lobbying".
"After all, a kingpin is a kingpin. Isn’t it?" 
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Bernie Sanders Won’t Drop Out

The D's seem to be overlooking the fact that one of these during the general election could easily lead to a President Trump, Cruz or Ryan.

Hang in there Bernie.

Bernie Sanders Won’t Drop Out, Here’s Why:

Path #1: Clinton’s health fails in a very big and very public way. She’s had multiple public fainting spells since 2005, including one resulting in a broken elbow in 2009. In 2012, she suffered a concussion and was hospitalized with cerebral venous thrombosis, a life-threatening blood clot condition. Her campaign health statement acknowledges these problems and throws in hypothyroidism to boot, although characterizing the 67-year-old as enjoying “excellent” health. 
Path #2:  Clinton is indicted in, or otherwise dragged down over, the “Servergate” affair, in which she appears to have illegally mishandled classified information while Secretary of State. 
Path #3: Clinton comes to big legal or political grief over apparent connections between large donations to her family’s foundation on one hand and her actions as Secretary of State on the other. For example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation and Boeing donated $900,000. Later, Secretary Clinton cleared a $29 billion arms deal involving the two parties. You can see how that kind of thing looks. There may be some “there” there. 
Path #4: The texts of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, for which she received millions of dollars in honoraria, are leaked. Clinton’s refusal to release those texts tells us that their release would be politically damaging. Everything comes to light sooner or later. If it’s sooner — that is, before July —  we may find out how just how damaging.

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Military Aid

More US Tax Dollars heading for Israel.

Large U.S. Senate Majority Urges Obama to Boost Israel Military Aid - Israel News - Haaretz:
"Israel wants $4 billion to $4.5 billion in aid in a new agreement to replace the current memorandum of understanding, or MOU, which expires in 2018. U.S. officials have given lower target figures of about $3.7 billion. They hope for a new agreement before Obama leaves office in January. "

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.. raising money in Israel to run for the US presidency. What would the press say if she was raising the money in Saudi Arabia? Mexico? Russia? China? Japan? I guess I'll have to vote Green this time.

Clinton will hold fundraiser in Tel Aviv – Mondoweiss:

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Yep, the system is broken beyond repair, at least in my lifetime, i fear. It's time to withdraw to the countryside and watch the next generation handle it.

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