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a pretty good post on Trump here.

Why Trump campaigned like a populist and governs like a sellout
Although Donald Trump campaigned as a populist during the 2016 campaign, he has not governed like one. Instead, in domestic policy he has taken positions that are largely consistent with a very conservative business-oriented Republican who wants to lower taxes on the wealthy, slash entitlements, and lift regulatory scrutiny from business.  His working class supporters have gotten little economic help from his policies, and are unlikely to receive it in the future.


Fake News, Propaganda, politics

Good one from Naked capitalism's 2pm Water Cooler
‘Nearly half (40%) of millennials use the news feed at Facebook Inc.’s social media site as their source for news. That’s far higher than the percentage that uses Twitter (16%) or Instagram (4%). All other news sites garnered the remaining 40%’ [247 Wall Street]. That is, 40% of millenials filter have their news filtered for them by a ginormous, global oligopoly whose CEO is making moves like he’s running for President. What could go wrong?

Trump's Saudi Deal

Nice headline on Trump's Saudi deal. from Israel's Haaretz

Helping Americans

Pricing Algorithms

Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: The Small-Town Gas Station Example

Twice recently I've tried to purchase something from Amazon that I had purchased just a few months before. In both cases the price of the item in second purchase had been jacked up over 25%, one was over 33%. So,... I just didn't buy one and I bought the other from amazon's competitor, walmart.com, for the price of the original amazon purchase.

The amazon algorithm knows I didn't buy either at the higher price but it doesn't know i'm a price shopping dick and that amazon lost a sale to a competitor.

I'll check every price now.  How does that get input into amazon's algorithm?


Jerusalem: Some History

For those who wonder why recognizing Jerusalem is controversial.

Why Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel | Middle East | Al Jazeera:

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Why I don't believe in God

Posts like this could put Tyler Cowen on the winger's enemies list.  Why I don't believe in God - Marginal REVOLUTION:

My favorite line:
5. I am frustrated by the lack of Bayesianism in most of the religious belief I observe.  I’ve never met a believer who asserted: “I’m really not sure here.  But I think Lutheranism is true with p = .018, and the next strongest contender comes in only at .014, so call me Lutheran.”  The religious people I’ve known rebel against that manner of framing, even though during times of conversion they may act on such a basis

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Roger Ailes

A good one from Taibbi on Roger Ailes.

Taibbi: Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever - Rolling Stone:

It's not that Trump isn't or shouldn't be frightening. But it's conspicuous that our media landscape is now a perfect Ailes-ian dystopia, cleaved into camps of captive audiences geeked up on terror and disgust. The more scared and hate-filled we are, the more advertising dollars come pouring in, on both sides.

Trump in many ways was a perfect Ailes product, merging as he did the properties of entertainment and news in a sociopathic programming package that, as CBS chief Les Moonves pointed out, was terrible for the country, but great for the bottom line.

And when Ailes died this morning, he left behind an America perfectly in his image, frightened out of its mind and pouring its money hand over fist into television companies, who are gleefully selling the unraveling of our political system as an entertainment product.

The extent to which we hate and fear each other now – that's not any one person's fault. But no one person was more at fault than Roger Ailes. He never had a soul to sell, so he sold ours. It may take 50 years or a century for us to recover. Even dictators rarely have that kind of impact. Enjoy the next life, you monster.

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The True Story of Brainwashing and How It Shaped America | History | Smithsonian:
"Consider the conversations about ISIS and radicalization, in which young people are essentially portrayed as being brainwashed. "

from tnb......

Consider the conversations about Fox News and radicalization, in which old people are essentially portrayed as being brainwashed.

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The Elite vs Fox News

Fox News undermines a free, independent press
Fox, in short, now is practically indistinguishable from Breitbart — and in some cases, RT. It has become the purveyor of falsehoods and propaganda, not a member of an independent media tasked with holding elected leaders accountable.
".. now is practically indistinguishable from Breitbart".


Where the hell has the Post staff been the last 20 years. Fox has been like this since day one.

We hear about it now because they are the elite's bad guy of the month.

The US ruling class will put up with anything as long as it's not interfering with their world. Jerry Sandusky, while his teams are winning and he's making money for the college. Bill Cosby, while media giants are making money off of him. Pro athletes. 600$ epi-pens. Hell, even Trump, as long as he was making them some money, they'd let him bilk investors, welch on debts, and bad-mouth the Kenyan-Muslim.

It's all good until it outlives it's usefulness to or embarrasses our rulers. Then watch out.

Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News were an evil that the elite were willing to let poison people's minds, right up to the point those poisoned minds combined to blow the elite's world up by electing the stupid, uncontrollable Trump.

Now the elite are taking them down.


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Trump The Bullshitter

The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump – Dave Pell – Medium:
"So to those who argue there is a bias against Donald Trump, I say you’re right. It exists because it has been wholly earned. The bias against Trump is ultimately a bias in favor of America. At this point, one can’t be loyal to the president and the country at the same time."

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About That Swamp - Joe Lieberman edition

Lieberman is about as deep in the swamp as you can get.

Planet of Cops

A good take on life in today's good old USA. Basically we're all cops in some way and a good portion of cops are just...well... dicks.

Planet of Cops – Freddie deBoer – Medium:

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