House GOP to take aim at entitlements

Citing deficits, House GOP to take aim at entitlements | TheHill:

     “But if you look at the fiscal glide path of this country, it is not a sustainable formula.”

Well, it could be sustainable. We could just raise taxes on the rich folk but it's always more fun for these bastards to cut spending on the poor folks.

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Cops and Kids

Cops and kids doing a lot of killing these day.

Killed By Police - 2018:

Florida School Shooting

Gun control might cut down on kids killing kids but even if guns were outlawed, cops will still have them.

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Broadband Competition

If corporate America had been in charge of developing our electrical system, most of rural America would still be dark.

Why Broadband Competition at Faster Speeds is Virtually Nonexistent - Motherboard:

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Tax Cuts

Tax and Spend: Trump Proposes 25-Cent Gas Tax, My Alternative Plan - Mish Talk:

The typical R tax cut swindle (well since Reagan anyway)

  • Cut taxes on the wealthy by promising cuts for everyone.
  • Then cut services for the poor and middle class to pay for some of it.
  • Pay for the rest of it by raising a few less-visible taxes, like gas, state sales, and sin taxes which are proportionally harder on the poor and middle class.

presto..... the poor and middle class sink while the wealthy's bank accounts grow.

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Paving the Way for Trump

E.J. Dionne writes about the Nunes memo but misses the point.

This ..
The autocratic leader lies and then falsely charges his opponents with lying. He politicizes institutions that are supposed to be free of politics by falsely accusing his foes of politicizing them. He victimizes others by falsely claiming they are victimizing him.

The autocrat also counts on spineless politicians to cave in to his demands. And as they destroy governmental institutions at his bidding, they insist they are defending them.

.. is not specific to Trump. It has been the MO of the R's since the Clinton Years.

and this..
 “Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow.”
.. is what made Rush Limbaugh rich and allowed Fox News to replace news with focused propaganda.

We need people like Dionne and the D establishment to stop the whining about Russia and focus on what really delivered Trump, crazy authoritarian R's and Right-wing propaganda, especially that propaganda that masquerades as news.

Nunes paves Trump’s road to autocracy - The Washington Post:

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Felix Salmon on Remington

Nota bene: Gun bust:
 It ended up turning into a classic private-equity play: buy cheap, lever up, strip out all the profits you can, invest as little as possible, convert all the debt into a special dividend, and then walk away, leaving the creditors to pick up whatever’s left over.

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Misc Trump


Trump Loves the Market. He Just Doesn't Understand It - Bloomberg:

He's just not very smart and not interested in learning anything.

He sees the world though Fox News and thinks he knows it all.

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Fake News.

The Debt

Ed Nails it.

NEW DISCOVERIES | Gin and Tacos:

"The deficit and debt are and have always been nothing but a stalking horse for eliminating things Republicans don't like from the budget. The budget and deficit grow every year like clockwork, even (and perhaps especially, given the cost of the 00s wars) under GOP control. If any meaningful difference between the parties exists on that point, it is that they prefer to spend money on slightly different things. One wants to spend a lot on the military and the other wants to spend a shit-lot on the military. Differences like that."

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Medicare for all



Don't vote R. Andrew Tobias | Money and Other Subjects: I wish I had choice most establishment D's suck too. PERSISTENT FAITH IN THE EMPTY GESTURE. Still Don't vote R.

Medicare for all would fix this. "California's insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into Aetna after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patients' records when deciding whether to approve or deny care".

Pence is just a dick. Peace: The One Thing the US Warmongers Do Not Want

Headlines like this will hurt Trump more than the Russian investigation. Trump: “I’m Not Sure Israel Is Looking to Make Peace” With Palestinians

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