Ian Welsh on Rest

Review of “Rest,” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang | Ian Welsh:

"This is the prescription given by Graham Wallas in The Art of Thought and far more succinctly by ad-man James Webb Young in A Technique For Producing Ideas and it is at the core of Rest:
  • Prepare by immersing yourself. 
  • Try to solve the problem. 
  • Give up and rest. 
  • Eureka."

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The Health Care Industry

isn't going to allow medicare for all.

Well That Settles It! Insurance and Drug Lobbyists Say Medicare for All “Cannot Work”:

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Corporate Media Is So Bad

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Understand Why the Corporate Media Is So Bad: "
The New York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, et al, are gigantic corporations, in most cases owned by even larger ones. And the job of giant corporations is not to inform American citizens about reality. It’s not to play a hallowed role in the history of a self-governing republic. It’s to make as much profit as possible."
The media isn't liberal... it just sucks.

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Drudge Propaganda

Drudge is some great propaganda.

The headline is "GREAT AGAIN: Median Incomes Rises to Highest on Record... "

The link is behind a paywall so many will never know that the study is based on Obama year, 2016, long before the MAGA president.

The rubes will go on believing that it was all Trump.

U.S. middle-class incomes reached highest-ever level in 2016, Census Bureau says - The Washington Post:

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On the anniversary of 9/11

One good paragraph from Corey Robin On the anniversary of 9/11:

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Post-truth politics

Stumbling and Mumbling: Economic roots of post-truth politics:

What I mean is that in manufacturing, facts defeat emotions and opinions. If your steel cracks, or your bottles leak or your cars won’t start, all your hopes and fancy beliefs are wrong. Truth trumps opinion.

Contrast this with sales occupations. In these, opinion beats facts. If customers think a shit sandwich is great food, it’ll sell regardless of facts. And conversely, good products won’t sell if customers think they’re rubbish. Opinion trumps truth.

(Finance is a mix of these. In trading and asset management, beliefs are constantly defeated by cold hard facts. In asset gathering, sales and investor relations, however, bullshit works.)

Isn’t it therefore possible that a shift from manufacturing to other occupations will contribute to a decline in respect for facts and greater respect for opinions, however ill-founded? In 1966 – when employment in UK manufacturing peaked – 29.2% of the workforce were in manufacturing. This meant that millions more heard tales from fathers, husbands and friends about how brute facts had fouled up their day. A culture of respect for facts was thus inculcated. Today, however, only 7.8% of the workforce is in manufacturing and many more are in bullshit jobs. This is an environment less conducive to a deference to facts.

How people live shapes how they think. A world in which many people work in manufacturing might, therefore, have different beliefs to one in which they don’t.

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Middle Class Abandons Football?

Death of NFL inevitable as middle class abandons the game - Chicago Tribune:

Maybe.... Maybe if you define middle-class as those in the prosperous burbs around big cities. Out here in the sticks, folks seem to see football as the only way for there kids to escape.

Also, I could see this going the way of climate change. Right-wingers and the Fox Cult turning it into a big-city, liberal conspiracy to take away out great American Game. All we need now is a right-wing think tank to release a study showing those claimed injuries aren't really happening.


What Football Crisis? In Alabama, the Game’s Hold Only Gets Stronger
In pockets of the South, more kids are playing football than ever, with parents and coaches saying the rewards outweigh the risks

You'll take away our football when you pry it from our cold dead hands.

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The Empire

The empire doesn’t care who is president | The Outline:

"Over the past several months, as Trump has proven himself as eager a steward of our war machine as any of his predecessors, American liberals have taken special pleasure in mocking Maureen Dowd’s 2016 column “Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk”. But the punchline, for the purveyors of American sobriety and What Is Normal, is not the idea that Hillary Clinton would’ve overseen an era of peace. It’s only that she would have seen our wars through competently, and now look, you stupid idiots, you’ve got a warmonger and an idiot in charge. "

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Larry Summers is one of the elite, banker-types responsible for a lot of what is wrong in the US today But.... he's right on this.

America needs its unions more than ever  | Larry Summers:
"On this Labor Day we would do well to remember that unions have long played a crucial role in the American economy in evening out the bargaining power between employers and employees. They win higher wages, better working conditions and more protection from unjust employer treatment for their members. More broadly they provide crucial support in the political process for broad measures such as Social Security and Medicare, which benefit members and non-members alike. Both were at their inception passionately opposed by major corporations.

The shrinking of the union movement to the point where today only 6.4 per cent of private sector workers – a decline of nearly two-thirds since the late 1970s – are in unions is one important contributor to the decline in the relative position of labour in general and those who work with their hands in particular. The decline in the unions is also a contributor to the pervasive sense that too often our political system is for sale to the highest bidder."

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Flooded Cars

How to deal with flooded cars in Harvey’s wake - The Washington Post:

The used car industry has made a fortune selling totaled and flooded cars for ever.

They clean them up, move them around from state-to-state to wash-out out the "Total Loss" titles, and sell them to an unsuspecting public while their lobby group works the Pols to prevent a nationwide title system that would stop that crap.

It's one of the great features of American capitalism. Government of the Business, By the business,. and well, you know the rest.

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