Fox Propaganda


"Fox's alleged independence from the Republican Party has been a myth the political world has agreed to live by for years, even though the notion is preposterous. And now top people at Fox give regular advice to the president.  
Fox is not a news organization. It's part of the GOP, and it should be treated that way."

Fox New is why I'm no longer a Republican. They had always made shit up to support R's. O'Rielly and Hannity were always assholes. Others like Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter were just fucking nuts. The morning show has said some of the dumbest things I've ever heard on TV. Multiple attempts to hide R wrongdoing by labeling the offender as "D" in their graphics. Their attempt to convince me that Sarah Palin was qualified to be the VP was the last straw.

Any group that expects me to believe shit that I can see is obviously false won't get my vote.

Fuck Fox and the R's.

Also, Fuck the Clintons and the D establishment.


Government is the Problem? - 2

A good post here including...

 Donald Trump: Ruling Class President
 On one hand, victorious candidates have to win enough popular votes to prevail in elections. They can hardly do that by proclaiming their commitment to the rule of the wealthy capitalist Few.  On the other hand, they cannot garner the resources to win elections and govern effectively without the backing and cooperation of the investor/capitalist class, whose control of money and the means of production is critical to political power and policymaking.
“U.S. corporations exercised power over communities, much like Kings do over feudal serfs, by exercising ownership over the means of production in the U.S. economy. They command worker loyalty due to their ability to hire and fire Americans and provide basic benefits such as health care or 401k and pension benefits. But corporations also possess the power to destroy people’s lives via capital flight. Simply by threatening to leave a community and move factories abroad in pursuit of higher profits and weaker environmental regulations, corporations hold citizens hostage…The marketplace is a prison, Lindblom warned, because these corporations ultimately control the levers of the U.S. economy, and control the life outcomes of American workers.”

link:Ditching the “Deep State”: The Rise of a New Conspiracy Theory in American Politic
 “Both sides of the political spectrum are manipulated by the same forces. If you’re some right-wing Christian zealot in Georgia, then it’s homosexuals and abortion and all these, you know, wedge issues that are used to whip you up emotionally. If you are a liberal in Manhattan, it’s – you know, they’ll be teaching creationism in your schools or whatever…Yet in fact it’s just a game, because whether it’s Bush or whether it’s Obama, Goldman Sachs always wins. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs.

link: "America is a Tinderbox" - Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt4 

Government is the problem?

Real Muricans be hating the wrong people.

 The United States of Work
.. large companies, the institutions that employ most workers, amount to a de facto form of government, exerting massive and intrusive power in our daily lives. Unlike the state, these private governments are able to wield power with little oversight, because the executives and boards of directors that rule them are accountable to no one but themselves. Although they exercise their power to varying degrees and through both direct and “soft” means, employers can dictate how we dress and style our hair, when we eat, when (and if) we may use the toilet, with whom we may partner and under what arrangements. Employers may subject our bodies to drug tests; monitor our speech both on and off the job; require us to answer questionnaires about our exercise habits, off-hours alcohol consumption, and childbearing intentions; and rifle through our belongings. If the state held such sweeping powers, Anderson argues, we would probably not consider ourselves free men and women.


The American Dream

A pretty good post on American Capitalism

The American Dream Is Killing Us:

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Silicon Valley is being destroyed

The evidence is piling up — Silicon Valley is being destroyed - Business Insider:

"The iPhone is ten years old. Innovation means waiting to see if Apple will offer a bigger screen."

Innovation and productivity are like love, they come in spurts.

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Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’? – Consortiumnews:

The other day, I asked a longtime Democratic Party insider who is working on the Russia-gate investigation which country interfered more in U.S. politics, Russia or Israel. Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied, “Israel, of course.”

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Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly Gets Canned - The Big Picture:

The poster dick for a lot that’s wrong with this country, sidelined at least for a while.

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Life in the Wilderness

One family's life in the wilderness - BBC News:

Will be hard to do once the corporations own all the land.

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Retail Sales

Where Have All the Shop Clerks Gone?:

or.. what are we going to do with all those empty strip malls?

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MIddle Class

Stumbling and Mumbling:
 If the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting better off, then for a given level of income, somebody must be getting worse off. The “Blairite society” of super-rich but little poverty is one in which the middle class is relatively poor.

I think this is what pisses-off the American middle class. We spent a couple of generations taking care of the poor, bringing them up a little with social programs. Then over the last generation or two we took care of the rich with tax cuts and free-for-all capitalism. Now the middle class folks look around and see themselves without healthcare, pensions, college for their kids and hopelessly in debt living like the poor all so the poor can have a little and the rich can have a lot. They feel pretty damned poor and wonder why they are working so hard to just be one of the poor. They should be pissed.  

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Israel vs Palestinian Hunger Strike




Internet vs Fox News

Is the Internet Causing Political Polarization? Evidence from Demographics (emphasis by tnb)

We combine nine previously proposed measures to construct an index of political polarization among US adults. We find that the growth in polarization in recent years is largest for the demographic groups least likely to use the internet and social media. For example, our overall index and eight of the nine individual measures show greater increases for those older than 75 than for those aged 18–39. These facts argue against the hypothesis that the internet is a primary driver of rising political polarization.

I call this the "old people watching Fox News all day" effect.