Media and Fake News

America’s Newspapers Just Played Right Into Trump’s Hands - I have to agree.

A better plan would be to methodically take-down the fake news and lies of the right like the following.

Another good take-down of Right-Wing Bullshit.

Kevin Williamson’s unhinged attack on Elizabeth Warren’s corporate accountability bill, explained
I’m not sure he actually read it. - Matthew Yglesias takes apart Kevin Williamson's article on Elizabeth Warren. This is a good example of someone on the right throwing out crazy bullshit to scare conservatives and someone on the left clearing up the lies and distortions. Too bad we can't get a few post like this in front of conservative eyes.

Gingrich and Fox pukes out a load of Shit -  Absolute Bullshit.... Trying to scare the shit out of the old people. see above

Subtle Drudge Propaganda. Scaring the shit out of people with those evil foreigners and then mentioning Ocasio-Cortez. Propaganda at its slimiest. (no link, from about 8am, 18-08-18)

White House Blackout? I've seen this a lot lately. I think the White House has quite talking to people they don't like.
"..Officials at the White House and the E.P.A. did not respond to requests for comment." (NY Times)
"..and the White House did not respond to CNN's requests for comment." (CNN)

Social Security 

What you probably don’t know about Social Security - Not hyperventilating about going broke.
"One huge misconception is that it is going bankrupt and it is unaffordable. Whether to expand Social Security or cut Social Security is a question of values, not affordability. We’re the wealthiest country in the world. There’s no question we can afford not only the current Social Security program but the expanded Social Security if that’s what the American people want. 
Another misconception is that it is a government handout. It is, in the words of the elite, an entitlement. The truth is it is an insurance each of us earns through our work and payroll contributions."
Unlike this BS from our so-called liberal press - Cuts in Social Security and Medicare are inevitable. Delaying reform will make it worse.

As the first post states, it is about choice.  We can continue to cut taxes for the people who already own and control everything or we can choose to help the people by fixing Social Security, implementing Medicare for all, and decreasing the cost of college, building infrastructure, etc.

Trump and Harley Davidson

Trump Encourages People to Boycott Harley: Dealer and Rider Reactions -  I know a lot of Harley riders and most of them voted for Trump. They are all fiercely loyal to HD and most developed that loyalty long before Trump came on the political scene. Still I don't think this will hurt his reputation with them. My guess is a few muttered "Fuck You" when Trump hammered HD but many are Fox News watchers so got the sanitized version if they heard it at all. Also, most (that I know) like their guns and have been convinced that any vote for and D would be then end of their guns. So, while it might hurt Trump a little, very little in their eyes, they are still Hard R voters.

"The Maoist used to talk about heightening the contradictions of capitalism, but is it possible to get more contradicted than this: Trump praises Harley-owners for boycotting Harley-Davidson after the company announced plans to open overseas plants in response to Trump’s tariffs. On the very same day, the president holds a press event with a cadre of Bikers for Trump, whose organizer sells Bikers for Trump t-shirts that are made in Haiti because it’s “too expensive” for them to be made in the US."

Democratic Socialists

“Socialism” vs. “capitalism” is a false dichotomy
Warren’s coalescing vision of the market-friendly welfare state doesn’t exactly amount to the second coming of Milton Friedman, but it’s far more intellectually sound and politically attractive than anything Republicans currently have on offer.

Speaking of Interfering in US Politics

Israel lobby group J Street withdraws Rashida Tlaib endorsement - J Street is supposed to be the least radical of the Israeli lobby groups. Vote for Rahida Tlaib. We need to break the Israeli Likud's party hold on US politics.

Health care - Medicare for All !!!

Yeah, Obamacare was a screw-up but still the subsidy here only exists because of Obamacare. How many retired couples making $55,000 per year could afford to spend over $20,000 a year on health insurance?  Vote Medicare for All !
A couple with one spouse who is 60 and the other age 55 with $55,000 in annual household income, for example, would pay an average of $438 a month for a mid-level benefit “silver” plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. 
If they didn’t qualify for a subsidy, their monthly premium would jump to $1,857.
from : What to Know About Money in Retirement




10 PowerShell cmdlets to speed network troubleshooting -  Sure, I'd rather type "Test-NetConnection -comp1" instead of  "ping conp1". Come on Microsoft.


Tyler Cowen - Trump Hurts U.S. Exports in the Marketplace of Ideas
"It is often suggested, by Senator Bernie Sanders among others, that the U.S. should become more like Denmark, with higher taxes, stronger social protections and tougher regulation. Maybe that would increase economic security for many Americans — but it also could make the U.S. economy less dynamic and innovative, by limiting incentives and transferring resources away from the private sector. American innovations — smartphones, medical devices, entertainment and so on — spread around the world. As a general rule, when evaluating a policy for the U.S., the focus first should be on America as a global ideas generator and distributor" 
Why shouldn't the focus first be on taking better care of Americans? 
"And since Trump took office, America has lost much of its global standing. It is no longer considered a beacon of tolerance and democracy, and is seen as uninterested if not hostile to much of the rest of the world. A Gallup poll in early 2018 found that global confidence in U.S. leadership never has been lower, and China now stands in higher overall favor." 
Agreed, Trump is not making America great again in the eyes of the world, only in the eyes of backward looking Trump supporters.

Economic Opinions Depend Largely on Party - Bias is bad for both but R's look worse than D's. Fox News? Skin Color of the President?

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats - Biden? Cillizza and Enten should be banished from the American political scene for this article alone.

Fake News

Good post here...Why I’m Not Worked Up About “Fake News” And Why I Am

I feel so dumb, I once thought Stossel was a smart guy (well, I was 15). Anyway, Lots of lies and misinformation here. Put the Social Security tax on incomes over $130,000, raise incomes taxes on those who make over $250,000, move to Medicare For All and both programs take care of themselves over time.  Stossel can go fuck himself.

Absolute bullshit propaganda found on Drudge here:  Mainstream media tries to 'rewrite history' to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments. Zero facts offered. A quote from IBD? Just a headline to make the Trumpers hate the media. Jennifer Harper should be branded a propagandist.

Here are a couple of charts. the first is US unemployment. the second is the SP500. Could you pick out the Trump Years if they weren't labeled?

Speaking of interfering in US politics



You might be a redneck.... If your town has a dollar store.


I need some Music after that.


Tuesday Night


This Is So Much Bigger Than Paul Manafort - American Corrupitalism
America has become the sanctuary of choice for laundered money, a bastion of shell companies and anonymously purchased real estate. American elites have learned to plant money offshore with acumen that comes close to matching their crooked counterparts’ abroad.


Survivorship Bias on Wheels - On cars.


StoneKettle Station  - Zero Sum
These white conservatives, they're all mad, pissed off, they have no idea why and they don't care. Pissed off is an identity, the identity, of modern conservatives. They're always mad about something, always certain they are being attacked, diminished, made lesser somehow, under assault, being invaded and violated.

Human Rights

Israel normalizing war crimes in Gaza - They don't need no stinkin' human rights


Taibbi: Censorship Does Not End Well

Health Care

Medicare for All! - Donald Trump is making Medicare-for-all inevitable

Medicare for All!! - Sorry, Bernie Is Right

Medicare for All!!! - The tale of two Medicares: Canadian and American

Medicare for All!!!! - Enrolling Americans in Medicaid Is Now Cheaper Than Subsidizing Their Obamacare Coverage


Socialism works for broadband -  A Community-Run ISP Is the Highest Rated Broadband Company in America


Early in the Week


From a few days ago ..... The D's could dominate US politics with three platform moves...."Legal Pot", "Medicare for all", and "we give up on Gun Control".  A fourth might be "Never Hillary" or maybe "Never a Clinton Crony" but I really think just the first three would work. How a Pair of Kentucky Pols Are About to Legalize Hemp

Oh, and inexpensive rural broadband wouldn't hurt. How to keep young people from fleeing small towns for big cities

or they could just botch it. more here....

What voters want,

The Democrats must do more than simply oppose Donald Trump

The challenge of tagging Republicans as 'corrupt' in 2018
House Democrats want to reprise their 2006 strategy of painting the GOP as deeply unethical, but the public has been desensitized to outrage.
The problem is "not that we're desensitized to outrage" it's that we realize both parties, along with the system that keeps them in power, are all corrupt as hell. Painting the R's as corrupt just reinforces that everything is corrupt.

Also,... the system is broken.

Tax Cuts

Tell me about that trickle down again? Real Wages Decline Year-Over-Year


Is Chris Collins Toast? - Well, he may lose his seat but I doubt he'll do any serious jail time. His crime hits too close to home for the rest of our leaders, who are all doing the same thing but maybe a little less obviously. I'm guessing there are several other congressmen worried they could be next in line and are working hard to get the Collins issue swept under the rug.

The World

The US's "Israeli" Ambassador to the UN: Nikki Haley - No mention of the human rights crisis in Gaza, Yemen, Syria, etc.....
“The UN has failed to adequately address major human rights crises in Iran, North Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and elsewhere, or stop its chronic, disproportionate obsession with Israel. .."


Fuck Ups

Pushing Iran and Turkey towards Russia and China.

Who Profits From Iran’s Oil Major Exodus?
Thus, one can state the obvious – state-owned Russian and Chinese companies stand to benefit from U.S.-imposed sanctions. But why, one would ask? The underlying reasons differ, of course, yet both countries are on a course of antagonism with the United States and are too big to be pressurized into total compliance. Russian state-owned oil companies are sanctioned, anyway, absolving them of any fear, whilst Chinese companies seem to be ready to throw the gauntlet on the back of President Trump initiating a tariff war. 
Wrecking the world economy.  World stocks hit one-month low as Turkish rout spreads




US allies are on it today. Making the world hate us one foreign-aid check at a time.

The Banks

The big US banks really do have their hand in everything.  Quote below from When Storage Does Not Save One from Low Commodity Prices.
"The ship [full of soybeans], owned by JP Morgan Asset Management, .." 




Making America weaker on the global stage one stupid step at a time.


Cybersecurity’s insidious new threat: workforce stress -  What really drives me crazy is I know that regardless of what we do, eventually, someday, someone is going to get into the network. It will be costly, embarrassing, and probably cost someone their job.

Fake News

Twitter CEO defends decision not to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars - censorship is never good and banning the crazy from places where people can see is just keeps it hidden in the weeds. If we can see it, we can react to it and fight it. 

American Corrupitalism

Wilbur Ross edition -  New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting - Our elite let this sort or corruption, Manafort, Ross, Trump, Clinton, etc. run wild until they need leverage over you or to take you down. Then they drag it out and use it for their own gain.

Chris Collins edition - New York Rep. Chris Collins indicted on insider trading charges

Interfering in Elections

Possibility of Russian interference in 2018 election divides Americans - Israeli interference,... well,.. not so much.... Sheldon Adelson gives 30 million to R's after Trump's US embassy move.

Speaking of foreign governments interfering in other's elections. Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

Kids these days

Heading in the right direction. Socialism is becoming more popular with Baby Boomers  Capitalism eventually eats its own, chewing up more and more of the weak in favor of the powerful. Some level of socialism at least gives the working class a chance.

Bad News

From Fox.....

That's right Fox Viewers, the Ds can't win. Nothing to worry about, the R's have it in the bag. All you old Fox News cult members can just stay home and skip voting next time.

Back in the real world.... It looks like D's have flipped two and ran damn close in another two or three of Ten solid R districts.

Also,.. Fox chose to put this piece of shit "anti-medicare for all" article on the front page today..



Rich vs Poor

Income Inequality - It ain't pretty.

American Corrupitalism

3 Takeaways After First Week of Manafort Trial - The big takeaway from the Manafort trial is that the American system of business and politics, at home and around the world, is hopelessly corrupt.

A couple more on this.

Living in the Age of the Big Lie - This administration may be the peak but the age of the big lie started a while ago.

Manafort’s alleged Corruption is How America Works, not Deviance. This,..
"There was no strong man so idious that Manafort would not take his money and make phone calls to his old buddies on his behalf"
applies almost universally to any US business or political interaction with the world. We will work with anyone, anyone, third-world dictators, oppressive-murderous regimes, drug and arms smugglers, even terrorists as long as there's a chance at a decent profit. This explains it all in one line  "It Depends on the Price of the Bonds".

The Big Con - It's the American Way.


Trump's not saving coal. U.S. coal shipments reach lowest levels in years


The D's could dominate US politics with three platform moves...."Legal Pot", "Medicare for all", and "No Gun Control".  A fourth might be "Never Hillary" or maybe "Never a Clinton Crony" but I really think the first three would work. How a Pair of Kentucky Pols Are About to Legalize Hemp

Oh, and inexpensive Rural Broadband wouldn't hurt. How to keep young people from fleeing small towns for big cities

Health Care

Plain vanilla "Medicare for all" may not help. If this is any indication, it'll need to be improved.

‘Too Little Too Late’: Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans

'Why Elect Progressives? THIS': Shredding of Social Safety Net Blamed as Bankruptcies Soar for Older Americans


Catching Up

American Capitalism

Slate Money on Silicon Valley hiring practices, free lunches, and stock buybacks.

In this edition of Slate Money, they were discussing SoFi's Mike Cagney's fall and rise, specifically, when can a CEO be forgiven and be given the reigns again after a major fuck-up. I think they missed a point they had mentioned on a show a few weeks earlier.

When asked if US banks should help finance a ruthless dictator by buying his bonds, Anna Szymanski answered with "It Depends on the Price of the Bonds". American Capitalism summed-up in one line.

American Capitalism - part 2

Because they can! - ATT and Verizon force copper customers to pay fiber-level prices

Witch Hunt? Which Crook?
One thing the Trump administration has revealed is that the amount of white collar crime that goes unprosecuted in this country is pretty clearly staggering.
American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t for These 8 Myths - Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?


THE CASTRO-LOVING KIDS THESE DAYS - Lawyers Guns and Money touching on the Right's, and well, really the Middle's and all our Media's ability to start every "Socialist" article with the the textbook definition of Socialism, "government exerting control or ownership of businesses".

This is not what most Democratic Socialist want. We don't want the Government building iPads, or cars, or computers, etc. Those are things the market can do very well. (mostly)

Instead, we (again, mostly) want Government helping the people when the market fails them. Healthcare, support when we fall on hard times, disabilities, or old age, stronger more wide-spread unions, a legal system that allows the market to function without chewing up the people, etc.

Basically, Government for the people not for the market.

So, when you see an article with this definition of Socialism, you need to realize it is a piece of propaganda or the author is just lazy.


A senior Syrian scientist dies when his car blows up

Israel Choking Gaza  -This reminds the scene in Total Recall when the bad guys cut off the air to the Martian colony.

Health Care

Medicare for All makes a lot of sense - Don't vote for anyone who won't support Medicare for All!

Why Health care in the US is so expensive? Insurance companies. Fuck'em .... Medicare for All!!
The amount of your premium that goes toward medical care. ACA-compliant plans spend 80 to 85 percent of premium costs on medical care, and the remaining 20 percent goes toward the insurance company’s overhead, including marketing, profits, salaries, etc 
Meanwhile, short term plans offered by the likes of United Health Care spend just 43 percent, while others spend significantly less than that.


Trumpism - I think these type of articles give too much credit to Trump. He's an opportunist not a political genius. These are things the wingers have believed for years. Trump was just one of the people convinced, (drawn in for profit) by the conservative wingnut-o-sphere. They all drank the Kool-Aid. He just took over the cult.

Have to agree.....Donald Trump is Not the ‘Manchurian Candidate’

"This is not a man embarrassed by something unusual in his private life, lying defensively in a panic. It’s a world-weary operator in sleaze and outright deception, dealing with an item of everyday business. The euphemisms — “info,” “financing,” “our friend David,” etc. — are those of people who know they’re doing something shady. He even talks of “using” a religious-right figure. It’s the tape of a con man, discussing the con with an underling in a kind of consigliere code. And this revelation is therefore dangerous. It demonstrates that Trump is, in fact, just another crooked pol — and does so in his own voice."


I basically agree with this but still, those transition periods can get ugly. - Understanding the Cycles of Constitutional Time, or, Why Things Are Going to Get Better
Our current difficulties are a temporary condition. They stem from the fact that the Reagan regime that has structured American politics since the 1980s is dying, but a new regime has yet to be born. This is a difficult, agonizing, and humbling transition; and its difficulty is enhanced by the fact that, unlike the last transition, it occurs at the peak of a cycle of polarization and at the low point of a cycle of constitutional rot. For that reason, the transition to a new political regime is likely to be especially difficult. But we will get through it. And when we get through it, about five to ten years from now, American politics will look quite different.


So Far this Week


Found Here


Crooked Bastards

McDonald's and Cheating at MonopolyI don’t remember this story but I guess an insider in the company that printed the game pieces was stealing them and selling or giving to his friends. It’s a good read.


Trump on Immigration.

Stonekettle Station on Trump and Merit. - Right on as usual.
Merit? What has more merit? A dentist when you need a cavity filled or the garbage man when your cans are overflowing? The person who waits on your table when you’re hungry or the one who cuts your hair? Those people, the ones who turn up whenever you need help, the ones who stop alongside the road to help you with a flat, the ones who always turn up to help look for a missing child, the ones fill the sandbags when the water is rising and the winds start to howl, what merit do they have?


Education vs The Real World - After my kid graduated from engineering school, I made him put "Work on my own car" and "Like Wood Working" on his resume. At the first interview, they told him that those two lines are what got him the interview. They liked people with some hands on skills. Made a believer out of him. Life takes both.

Medicare for All 

Sadly, this - Four more go through. will probably matter more than this - Koch-backed study finds ‘Medicare for All’ would save U.S. trillions in our quest for Medicare for all.

Paul Ryan wins the dumbest comment award. We are truly ruled by idiots.

Dr. Deane Waldman comes in a close second place with this fact free hit piece. Waldman was a doctor but now makes his money working for the right-wing lobby group the Texas Public Policy foundation .

Medicare for all !! Fuck these bastards!!


Saturday Morning


Bipartisan-Consensus-Centrist doesn't mean what you think it means. Gin and Tacos explains
 "Bipartisan" or "consensus" are not synonyms for "good" when it comes to public policy. It simply means that everyone agrees on an outcome (inevitably the status quo) and says nothing about the outcome itself. The Iraq War resolution was bipartisan. Agreeing to let Wall Street off the hook in the early Obama years was a bipartisan consensus. Spending a trillion dollars a year on the military is a bipartisan consensus. These are all idiotic and destructive ideas. If you applaud any of them simply on the basis of how good it makes you feel that no one really argued about anything and everyone shook hands and smiled and agreed, then I think you might not fully understand what politics is. This week, Congress passed a $717 Billion Pentagon spending bill without one word of debate. Everyone in Congress was no doubt very Civil about it, because they all want to roll around in the trough of money they just created. I would rather they caned each other over the head on the House floor and spent half as much on the military

Cory Robin on Our Democracy
".. the fact that both the current and the last Republican president were only able to win their elections with the help of the two most anti-democratic institutions of the American state: the Electoral College and the Supreme Court. In both cases, these men won their elections over candidates who received more popular votes than they did. There’s a lot of words one might use to describe a system in which the person who gets fewer votes wins, but democracy isn’t one of the ones that comes immediately to mind." 

A New Party of a New Type

Hullabaloo and the Christian Swamp.

ON AMERICAN HEGEMONY, PART I - I think there's a chance that Trump ends up making the US weaker on the world stage. Our allies now see they may not be able to rely on the US as much as in the past and both our allies and enemies are probably thinking that an alternative to the dollar would be nice to have around. It might not turn out like that or he might not stay around long enough for it to happen but there's a chance a post-Trump world has two or three power brokers instead of just the US.


Privacy issue, Police State, or next Side-Hustle? Tommy Hilfiger connects your clothes, your phone, plus a game to their marketing dept for cash and prizes.


The Great Corporate Tax race to the Bottom continues. Across the globe, taxes on corporations plummet. - I've said it before, end corporate taxes and corporate person-hood. Don't allow corporate political donations. Run all taxes and political cash at the person level.


That lost revenue has to come from somewhere and it ain't coming from an increase in the rich folk's taxes, cuts to military budgets, or corporate subsidies. It's going to come from cuts in social programs and more taxes on the 90%, hidden taxes like gasoline, sales, payroll, etc.

Government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, should perish from the Earth.

Vote for D Socialists when you can !! D's when you can't.


After Hump Day


Politicians who need to stop fucking up the US. Dearest Paul Ryan.


Fake Interview With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Satire, Not Hoax, Conservative Pundit Says. There's a hell of a lot more "fake news" in conservative circles than in the mainstream. Sure the mainstream is bad, they get shit wrong, they always slant to a middle-of-the-road, pro-US, Pro-business, Pro-military, and always pro-Israel, but they are far from Conservative-Fox News-Sinclair propaganda.

Building Wealth

Does buying a home count as saving for retirement.- It can be a piece of your retirement planning but it doesn't replace saving for retirement. You have to buy smart, buy the right house, at the right time, , and you'll still need retirement savings.

I hear a lot of young people blindly state they want to buy a house because paying rent is just throwing money down the drain but they don't understand that buying a shit-hole, double-wide, in a crappy area, at the peak of the market can throw a whole bunch of money down the drain in one transaction.

Buy the right house, when you  know you're going to be in the area for several years and you should be OK but you still need to build other wealth for retirement. The TNB basic plan is......
  • Learn to live inexpensively. Be a tightwad.
  • Learn to Save.
  • Use credit sparingly, very sparingly. 
  • Max out your 401 or IRA. Never, ever, ever borrow from it.  
  • Spread your investments around, Stock, Bonds, US, non-US, collectibles, land, etc. 
  • Don't blow up your life with drugs, alcohol, or by quitting your job or leaving your family in hasty decision. 
  • And,... always be careful about who you trust about your wealth and finances. No One,... NO ONE.... cares about your wealth as much as you do and there are a lot of people out there in fancy suits with official sounding titles that exist only to turn some of your wealth into their wealth. Don't let them.  
Do all that and someday you'll look up and find yourself pretty wealthy,.. as long as you don't die before you get there..... so ... have some fun too.


GOAT and NBA Championships


I have to agree with the this from Hullabaloo.
"This may seem trivial. But when cops start acting on their own to set-up Trump's critics we are looking at a potentially very big problem. It's not ok."


The Rude One on it again.  What Did That Dumb Orange Motherfucker Say Now? (Your Lying Eyes Edition)


Jeffrey St. Clair. including this....
"In the last year, MSDNC has done 455 segments on Stormy Daniels and none on Yemen. I’m all for Stormy Daniels, but she’d probably get the Nobel Peace Prize if she went to Yemen for the weekend so that MSDNC and CNN would cover the US-backed genocidal war going on there …"
and this on our "not Liberal media"
"According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as the Earth roasts under a hemisphere-wide heatwave, “Over a two-week period from late June to early July, ABC, CBS, and NBC aired a combined 127 segments or weathercasts that discussed the heat wave, but only one segment, on CBS This Morning, mentioned climate change.”




The missing profits of nations
"Close to 40% of multinational profits were artificially shifted to tax havens in 2015, and this massive tax avoidance – and the failure to curb it – are in effect leading more and more countries to give up on taxing multinational companies." 
Progressives should look at trading corporate person-hood in exchange for low, or no corporate taxes, then just tax at the personal level.


The question of Russia and the Left. - I agree. Drop the Russia crap, it is the sort of "politics" that the people are tired of. The left should focus on issues.... Medicare for all, Education, infrastructure, jobs/economy, war, drugs, etc and drag the D's and R's into those arguments rather than joining them in the Russian BS.


There were early pretenders, Santorum, Huckabee, Palin, and Gingrich, who had the focus of the Fox cult for a while but Trump topped them all in the end. He is the First Fox News Cult President. I hope we survive it.
"Trump wields a power over Congress that can override the influence of corporate money. That power comes from an alliance between Trump and the media that has a big influence on how Republican voters view the world: Fox News in particular but others as well. The irony is that under these conditions democracy in the form of primaries gives Trump and the media considerable power over Congress."

Hypocritical Clergymen
"Pompeo is a paid up member of the Christian Taliban, the tribe in the US that most steadfastly supports Donald Trump. They used to say that the moral conduct of the president is crucial back when Obama was in. But now all of a sudden, only 1/3 say that. It is almost as if it matters most to them not whether the president leads a moral life but whether he is white and anti-abortion. I mean, you can’t be more hypocritical than to be a committed Christian and to support Trump to a hilt."


Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Trumps Base

Brainwashed or Thought Virus?


What to know about China’s ties with Africa, from aid to infrastructure - There will be a day when Chinese workers lament their jobs being taken by that cheap African Labor. The great capitalist race-to-the-bottom is relentless.


The Lesson of the Château de Calberte
Looking at pictures of the chateau reminded me of the lesson of Calberte: individuals experience time going in one direction, relentlessly forward into the future, and so we think that history, too, makes the same ever forward progress. But history doesn’t travel like that. It veers from right to left, turns around and goes backward.

We think that a fight for justice won is won once and for all. But the same battles, particularly in the social sphere, are fought over and over. In America the battles for social progress from the 1930s through the 1960s are being refought today. I worry that, as at the Château de Calberte at the end of the 14th century, we have lost the knowledge of how to construct our defenses — political and social — and we may be too weak to withstand the current assault.

The Market is Always Right?

Managing Incentives - Libertarians crack me up. They post articles like this basically to show how inept government is at managing projects yet never seem to catch that the real corruption here is the crooked businesses raping the government and taxpayers.


Why vote Democratic-Socialist?

Bernie Sanders on Labor’s Future and Why Democratic Socialists Keep Winning

You have worn the mantle of democratic socialist throughout your political career. Today we’re seeing socialism increase in popularity among younger people, and democratic socialists are winning local primaries and elections in states such as New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Montana. What do you think this shift means?

Our opponents can say, “Oh, democratic socialist, it’s radical, it’s fringe-y, it’s crazy.” But when you go issue by issue and you ask the American people what they think, they say, “Yeah, that makes sense.” For example, should the United States join every other major country and guarantee healthcare for all by moving toward Medicare for All? Is that a radical idea? No. Because healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Young people say, “Yeah, of course. That should be a right, yeah. My grandma is on Medicare, she likes it. Why can’t I get it?” Not a radical idea.

Today, in many respects, a college degree is as valuable as a high school degree was 50 years ago. So, when we talk about public education, it should be about making public colleges and universities tuition-free. Is that a radical idea? I don’t think so.

At a time when you have three people, including Jeff Bezos, who own more wealth than the bottom 50 percent of the American people, is it a radical idea to say that we should significantly raise taxes on the very wealthy and large profitable corporations? Not a radical idea. Rebuilding our infrastructure, creating millions of jobs. Not a radical idea. Immigration reform. Criminal justice reform. The vast majority of the American people support both those ideas.

We are managing to get these ideas out there. The ideas are catching on. And to young people especially, they make sense.

Establishment Ds tend to focus on things that help people once the system has chewed them up, extended unemployment, SNAP, education for those who've lost jobs, job and apprenticeship programs that tend to hand money to firms for hiring people, etc.... These are OK but again, basically just help people who been chewed up by the system while keep the power structure in place.

The D-Socialists are focusing on ideas give the people more power against and protection from the system to begin with. Medicare for All, Stronger Unions, affordable education, these things give more freedom and power to the people. They get to the root of our economic problems rather than an after-the-fact band-aid.


The Weekend


You can't hide. Facial and Gait recognition in China. You can bet US police are using them too.

Also, Cell Phone Stingrays in the US.

Health Care

The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care. Yep... Vote "Medicare for all" !!

Trump and The R's

The Two-party system with Primaries is broken. Axios on trump and the Rs


Crooked Bastards

 In a secretly recorded June 2016 conversation about Ukraine, obtained by The Washington Post, the House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, said, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump.” Far from disagreeing, Ryan said, “What’s said in the family stays in the family.”