The US taxpayer doesn't have a chance at figuring out what's really going on in Gaza. The reporting just sucks.

This morning CNN had Blitzer, on the ground (in Israel not Gaza), interviewing an Israeli spokesman who ignored the questions and spouted the basic "defending ourselves against the Hamas terrorists" crap they always use, in an evil-east-german accent that would have been great in a 1970s cold war spy movie.

Not one word from the Palestinian side. Not a word from anyone at the UN. It's all Israel , all the time.

Fox propaganda network didn't even mention the UN building. Just gave Obama hell for something.

An amazing act of mis-information from our corporate media.

On Israel

It's a mean little country and the whole world knows it except,.... the US.

America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel Washington's Blog:

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 A good post on the recent events that led to the invasion of Gaza.

Israel, not Hamas, orchestrated the latest conflict in Gaza | Al Jazeera America:
While these are all valid and important points, the broader narrative remains largely unchallenged: Hamas began firing rockets at Israel first, triggering Israel’s latest military incursion. This is not true. In fact, far from acting in self-defense, the crisis is the result of deliberate actions by Israel over the last few weeks — first to stir up anti-Arab sentiment among the Israeli population and then to provoke Hamas into open conflict.

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Flying to Israel

FAA bans US airlines from flying to Israel; European carriers follow suit | Al Jazeera America:
"Ben Gurion is safe for takeoffs and landings and there are no security concerns for aircraft and passengers,"
I wonder if there are any airports safe for takeoffs and landings in Gaza?

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Several videos here show rocket attacks in Israel and Gaza

Pictures of the worldwide protests against the Israeli attack on Gaza here: Mondoweiss

On reporting the Middle East

A long post here Operations Brother's Keeper & Protective Edge | MyFDL:. including this.......
"....we are witnessing its last throes today in Gaza as the consequences of neo-conservative “superior power” unfurls before the world once again and the desperation of neo-conservative idiocy splashes over the screen for the world to witness.

What is it that we witness? Israel garbed in the armor of the American flag, fielding America’s weapons of mass destruction, protected by the investment of the American taxpayer in the “iron dome,” and marching with the impunity that comes from America’s veto of censure, reveals to the world two nations that willingly impose their “superior power” on a defenseless people displaying in the enormity of their invasion unleashed evil without compassion, without mercy, without sense, a mindless act of uncivil barbarity no different than that displayed by the Mongols or Visigoths of ancient days.

Kagan’s is a simple sentence, “A world order is imposed by superior power.” It does not advance by justice, it mocks justice; it does not consider morality, it laughs at morality; it does not reflect rights of people anywhere, just its rights; it is the rule of those who can and who do not care to care for any but self; it is ruled by a pathological fear engendered by victimhood because they know their own power rests on the destruction of others and hence on the fear that they will infect their victims with the same loathsome mentality that guides them. What is a “liberal” world order if its actions abandon all human capacity to seek justice in favor of “power,” to rule without inclusiveness of those ruled, to slaughter without civilized due process? What is it but barbarianism. Why consider “superior virtue” when it only obstructs conquest? Besides, whose “superior virtue” are we to follow? Why get embroiled in arguments; power alone is the determiner of virtue. It’s all so easy, so sensible at least to the few who impose their will. {…}"

America,... We used to be good guys.

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More on Israel and Palestine

Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine Washington's Blog:

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You didn't build that.....

Dani Rodrik explains why the super-rich are mistaken to believe that they can dispense with government. - Project Syndicate:

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Palestinian Rockets

Israel's slow taking of occupied Palestinian land.

The Map: A Palestinian Nation Thwarted & Speaking Truth to Power | Informed Comment:

Israeli voices are in unison on US media outlets this morning claiming that their current attack is to stop Hamas rocket fire. This map gives a hint of why the rocket fire exists in the first place. The green areas are/were Palestinian land. Gaza is the small green strip at the left in the far right map.

As Israel takes the Palestinian land, the Palestinians are herded into smaller and smaller areas. Israel seals-off these areas, restricting movement of people, goods, electricity, food across those borders. The Palestinians have little control and basically become prisoners in their own land. Those green dots in the map on the right are now just open air prisons where Israel keeps it's Palestinians.

The Palestinians don't like this but they don't have any way to fight back. They are not part of Israel so don't have a voice in Israeli government. The International political process has failed them, mostly due to the US's continued backing of Israel. They don't have an army in the western sense. They are completely over-matched and dominated by the Israeli military so they fight in the only ways they can. Throwing rocks, an occasional suicide bombing and launching few home-made rockets that have no guidance systems and mostly land harmlessly in the desert.

I think the people of Indiana might act the same way if those damned Ohioans took a couple of Indiana counties with military force. Sealed them off and started taking houses and farmland away from Indiana farmers and giving it to the Ohio settlers.

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Israel, Gaza and The US

The world is fucked up.

Israel is bombing the hell out of the people they don't want but are on the land that they do want (or at least want to control). On Gaza, and The Guardian

The US Media can't or wont report on it except from the Israeli view.

CNN Calls it the "Gaza Conflict".

It's not a really a conflict, it's an all out Israeli attack on Gaza with the Gazans huddling in their houses, lobbing a few small rockets at the desert while Israeli warplanes rain missiles down on their homes.

Fox,... well Fox is all propaganda, all the time, anyway,... they report,.."Israel launched the Gaza offensive to stop incessant rocket fire against it."

No, they didn't launch it because of the rockets, they launched it to punish the Palestinians for wanting to control their own lives and land.

And,.. we, the US taxpayers are financing it all with the full support of our leaders

Back in the US,....We're supporting the legal defense of the Israelis who burned the Palestinian teenager alive and beat up his relative, an American-citizen.

Central american kids are showing up on our border in droves, our infrastructure is falling apart, and our leaders can't agree if we should fix our roads and bridges or help kids from Central America but they can damned sure agree that Israel can bomb the hell out of Gaza.

Damn,... I remember when we were the good guys.

Rocket Attacks on Israel

"The Rocket Attacks on Israel for Dummies" from Juan Cole

The reason Israel is taking rocket fire from Gaza is that is is an Occupying Power over Gaza and won’t let the Palestinians of that territory have the rights that accrue to citizens of a state. The Israeli military decides the fate of 4.3 million Palestinians, who are denied basic popular sovereignty. Israel has Gaza non-combatant civilians under economic blockade, preventing people from exporting most of what they make. It has destroyed the airport and won’t let the Mediterranean port function. It has deliberately made 56% of the population food insecure, i.e. a couple of paychecks away from going hungry. 
The United States isn’t behaving this way toward Quebec, or toward Mexico nowadays, whatever happened in the 19th century before we had the United Nations Charter and an attempt a crafting international law. 
It is insulting to Americans for Israel chauvinists to imply that we are just like them, that we also gleefully have a jackboot on the necks of brown peoples beyond our borders, and that we would respond with the same disregard for non-combatant life as the Israeli air force if a few mostly harmless rockets fell on our side of the border. I don’t think we’d bomb the bejesus out of Montreal over some 8th grade chemistry experiments. 
When you see that trope, know that you are not just being played. You are being assumed to be a racist and an international outlaw. It isn’t a nice comparison.  
And as with all propaganda, what would be easier than turning it around? Imagine if the Chinese occupied Alabama and strode around Birmingham armed and in Chinese military uniforms. Imagine if they started importing millions of Chinese people into Alabama. What if they disarmed the Alabamans and pushed them off the land they’d lived on for centuries, stealing water and other resources? What if, when asked by now homeless families whose houses had been confiscated or blown up, what the reason was, the Chinese replied this way? That the Native Americans were East Asians & the ones who remained behind were ancestors of the Chinese and their eastern branch that crossed the Bering Straits became the original inhabitants of Alabama, and so China’s claim much preceded that of recent immigrants from Europe? 
What do you think the people of Alabama would do to those Chinese occupiers and settlers?