Neocons are back in charge

Martin Shkreli

Good post from Ian Welsh

Martin Shkreli Proves that Your Life Is Meaningless to Elites | Ian Welsh:

Still, I believe Shkreli is in jail because he embarrassed the elite. As the post shows, other drug companies/CEOs have done the same price-gouging thing but they were just a little quieter about it.

Shkreli jacked the price, made headlines, bragged about it, and opened the whole show up to the public.

For that he was sacrificed so others could go on.

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Fox News

Fox is always hammering on the perceived enemies of its viewers.

The other networks just don't do that.

The top headlines....
  • Farrakhan for the top headline? wtf
  • An "atheist democrat"
  • A "huggy bear democrat"
  • Tie the steel tariff to China.

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Betsy DeVos

The Rude Pundit nails it again. A piece here but click through and read the whole thing.

The Rude Pundit: Betsy DeVos Is Every Stupid Teacher You Ever Had (Except Way Richer):
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, born a Prince, has been a billionaire for her entire life. Her father was a billionaire. So she inherited a shit-ton of money. She married a billionaire Dick who inherited his money from the long-running Ponzi scheme known as Amway. As such, she never, ever had shit to do with public schools except as a hobby. Public school education was never life or death for her or her children. It was a thing this rich person decided to fuck with because, shit, what the fuck else are you gonna do with all that time and money if you can't attempt to force your completely bullshit ideas about education, Jesus, and capitalism on the poors? 

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Misc Links

From the same people who brought you "The Memo".  Republicans on House Panel Find No Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign

Speaking of forcing your religion on the rest of us. Pence: Abortion will end in U.S. 'in our time'

Nota bene: Ignorance is bliss:

Elections have consequences: Betsy Devos on 60 Minutes or maybe "Ignorance is bliss #2"

oh, and censorship. We Made A Documentary Exposing The ‘Israel Lobby.’ Why Hasn’t It Run?

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On Globalist

The media harping on Trump for something like this makes them seem out of touch and stretching to go after him and probably makes him and his supporters even stronger.

Globalist can mean different things to different people. A good example of censorship.


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Russian Influence

From Naked Capitalism.....
Adviser to Emirates With Ties to Trump Aides Is Cooperating With Special Counsel - The New York Times:  “I get that Russia is SO much sexier, but countries in the Middle East – notably Israel, the Gulf States – have been actively colluding with the Americans and perverting our democracy for years.”

Yep. Israeli and Saudi money has influenced more US elections than Russian Facebook posts.

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AIPAC's MIssion

How the Zionists won the body but lost the soul of US politics | Israel | Al Jazeera:

"AIPAC's mission," as they put it resoundingly, "is to strengthen, protect and promote the US-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of Israel and the United States. Our staff and citizen activists educate decision-makers about the bonds that unite the United States and Israel and how it is in America's best interest to help ensure that Israel is safe, strong and secure." And a vast propaganda machinery is at the disposal of AIPAC to spread the word.

In the course of this conference AIPAC wishes to demand and exact an arm and a leg from the US government - among their demands, as propagated by their media: "AIPAC wants Congress to codify the $38bn over 10 years guaranteed to Israel under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in the waning days of the Obama administration ... AIPAC wants more sanctions on Iran ... AIPAC wants easier access for inspectors to Iran's military bases ... AIPAC backs bills in the House and Senate that would target the Boycott, Divest from and Sanction movement against Israel."

I don't see a lot in there that really helps US folk.

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Bible Thumper Hypocrisy

The Rude Pundit nails it. The best thing I've read in a few weeks. The meat is below but click the link, read the whole thing, leave the Rude Pundit some money. 

Now, we have to sit here and watch Republicans contort themselves to defend Donald Trump, a man who fucked around on his first wife with the woman who became his second and bragged about it; a man who fucked around on his second wife with multiple women, as he himself told a newspaper; a man who fucked around with other women during his third marriage, including fucking Stormy Daniels shortly after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child. And the very groups, indeed, the very individuals that condemned Bill Clinton (and Barack Obama, as loyal a family man as may have ever held the presidency) gladly say that they give Trump a "pass" or a "mulligan" on his affairs because he's a "changed" person now.

Bill Clinton fucking apologized. Bill Clinton fucking went to church all the time. Donald Trump has never apologized, never admitted wrongdoing, and never goes to church. If you condemned Bill Clinton but have no problem with Trump, fuck you in every hole you have and in a few that you don't.

Meanwhile, Republicans want to deny equal rights to gay and lesbian Americans simply because of who they fuck. They want to allow for exemptions to civil rights laws under the broadly and stupidly defined banner of "religious freedom" because, they say, people shouldn't have to compromise their relationship with an invisible sky wizard and bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, for instance.

Yet the very book about what their invisible sky wizard likes and doesn't like has precious few verses about same-sex fucking. You know what it's got a metric shit-ton of verses about? Adultery, motherfuckers. Old Testament, New Testament, all over the fuckin' Bible, adultery is seen as one of the most fucked up things you can do. It's one of the Ten goddamn Commandments.

It seems like if you actually feared the opinion of an invisible sky wizard, you'd think that he'd fuck you up for not condemning an adulterer. But you can bet that if Donald Trump waddled his mistress-boning ass into a place like Masterpiece Cakeshop, the oh-so-Christian bakers would fall over themselves to bake him whatever the fuck he wanted, even a cake for wedding #4.

You get it, conservatives? Over here on the promiscuous left, most of us think fucking should be a blessing. We think condemning people for fucking is bullshit. We're consistent in that belief.

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Focus on Russia

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community:

Booman says the left needs to focus on Russia.

I think he's wrong.  Russia just gets everyone looking away from the real reason Trump won. The middle class is getting killed out here in the heartland. Trump promised them a better deal and even though it was pure bullshit, a lot of people believed him.

The left needs to focus on things that help working class people
  • Infrastructure
  • Medicare for all
  • Education reform 
  • Inequality
  • Immigration reform

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Clinton's Email

Fox News is amazing.

I check Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox every day.

Arguably, today's major stories are
  • Trumps tariffs and trade wars (Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN)
  • Attack on Burkina Faso Capital (Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN)
  • Battle in Eastern Gouhta (Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN)
  • Trump scandal stories: Mueller, Jared, Ivanka (CNN, MSNBC)

so what does The Propaganda Network run with? 

yep... The Clinton Emails, not a word on the front page about the other stories.

How can they even call themselves a News company?

Leaked Stories

Why is Intel Community Targeting Kushner? | Informed Comment:
"US intelligence agencies are gunning for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and have leaked charges to the Washington Post that officials in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, China, and Mexico have privately strategized how to use him as a pawn in their power plays with Washington."
and ...
While the charge that Kushner is at least naive and very possibly corrupt is entirely plausible, we should also be suspicious of the leaks. (And remember, Ed Snowden was villified by the same people for his leaks, but they think it is all right when they do it).
Hypocrocy 101.

Whether leaking secrets to the media is legal or not is not about "the leaks", it's about "who's doing the leaking".

Sort of like drugs i guess... You can push opiates on the masses, kill a bunch of people, and walk away rich if you're a pharma giant but you can go to jail for selling one joint to someone on the street.

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