Why do Republican's in Congress keep voting to end Obamacare but never speak of their alternative plan?

lTINA and the ACA - The New York Times:

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Ted Cruz and the Birthers

A good common sense post on the Ted Cruz Birther question. Balkinization: Originalism and the Ted Cruz Question:
.. We have choices about how we go about interpreting the Constitution.  We can look for meaning at levels of abstraction that yield principles applicable to the modern world—and then we can apply them to the modern world, in ways that take into account relevant inputs, such as modern federal statutes, that may color their specific operative meaning in a given context.  That’s the approach I tried to follow above.  It’s an approach (or really a family of different approaches) that neither ignores, nor fetishizes, constitutional text.  We let 1789 have its say but not the last word. 
Or alternatively, we can try the approach of all too many originalists: to try our hardest to give 1789 the last word. ..

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War Party

War Talk, Jingoism and White Supremacy at GOP Debate | Informed Comment:

Cruz attacked Obama for not bringing the incident up in his State of the Union address, but that was because Obama and John Kerry had assurances from Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif that the sailors would be released shortly. They could get that assurance because Kerry and Zarif have a good working relationship coming off two and a half years of intensive diplomacy. That, Mr. Cruz, is how you resolve minor conflicts. Not with the “full force and fury” of your country, especially when it is in the wrong in international law.

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The Stock Market

Misinformation:  Did Neil Cavuto Just Blame Obama For The Bush Financial Crisis?:

From Mr Krugman: Neil Cavuto and the Dynamics of Misinformation

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Links 20160114

File under,.."You can't believe every ad you see on TV" or "Lying American Corupitalists"  If you weren't smart enough to know Lumosity was making bogus claims, the FTC has your back - LA Times:

Silly FiveThirtyEight.com; Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Deficit Anymore?. The Deficit and Debt only matter when it looks like the D's are going to spend some money on the poors.

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Audit the Fed

“Audit the Fed” is not about auditing the Fed | Brookings Institution:\
You might think that legislation widely known as “Audit the Fed” would have something to do with auditing the Fed, in the conventional sense of reviewing the institution’s financial assets and liabilities, records, and operations.  You’d be wrong.  

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Broken Elephants, Part I: Donald Trump and the Triumph of the Conservative Media Machine | Ordinary Times

Broken Elephants, Part I: Donald Trump and the Triumph of the Conservative Media Machine | Ordinary Times:
Three out of the only four candidates polling in double digits are Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson. Together, these three candidates represent slightly over 60% of all likely GOP voters. This is far more revolutionary than it seems at first blush, because these three conservatives share an unlikely (and historically unusual) common denominator: In addition to appealing to GOP voters’ hostility and distrust of the Democratic Party, these candidates have also catapulted to Republican Primary success in no small part by fanning the embers of hostility and distrust of the Republican Party.
 The rest of the remaining half-dozen “true” Republicans are polling at less than 22% — combined.

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Making the World Safe for Predatory Capitalism

Good post. Great headline. Making the World Safe for Predatory Capitalism:

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Approving New Drugs

This, from a good post by Felix Salmon about the FDA and cancer drug approval, hits on the main problem with our healthcare system.

Why approving new cancer drugs isn’t always a good idea | Fusion:
A very large part of the FDA’s job is to ensure not only that drugs are safe, but also that companies don’t sell dream-infused snake oil. Capitalism can be gamed: just go into business selling hugely expensive lottery tickets, and tell everybody that for every million people with cancer who buy a ticket, one or two will be cured. You’ll get a lot of takers, especially if insurance companies are forced to buy the ticket whenever a doctor writes a prescription. Only the FDA can prevent such evil business models from taking root and even flourishing.

That's it. Everyone involved in healthcare, Drug Companies, Insurance companies, Hospitals (especially Administration), Doctors, healthcare manufacturers, distributors and retailers (think knee brace, mobility scooters, homeopathy), corporate pharmacies, and even the people who need health care,   everyone, everyone, is gaming the system to grab all they can.

It's a god-damned, American-Capitalist's, greed-driven, wet dream.

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They hate us for our Freedom

No. Not really. Glenn Greenwald explains here: The Deceptive Debate Over What Causes Terrorism Against the West.

A couple cuts...

 Even the 2004 task force report commissioned by the Rumsfeld Pentagon on the causes of terrorism decisively concluded this was the case: 

When I hear people talking about how people are radicalized, young Muslims. I’ll tell you how they are radicalized. Every time they watch the television where their families are worried, their kids are being killed or murdered and rockets, you know, firing on all these people, that’s what radicalizes them.

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The War on Terrorism

"Terrorism” has no fixed meaning. It is a political term with tremendous propaganda value to the government when it is wielded. "
Why the "war on terrorism" should end though I would change the wording a bit, replacing "Government" with something like "powerful". Many non-government types throw "terrorism" or "terrorists" out there to manipulate the people.

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Voting Restrictions

We could save our corporate overlords a lot of trouble if we'd just pass two laws, one to give corporations the right to vote and one to take away the people's right to vote. The big corporations get to make all the decisions now, they just have to buy more politicians to get there.

A Bailout for Volkswagen? Congress Wants to Do Something Absolutely Crazy | The Fiscal Times:
"The bill, which will get a vote on the House floor in the first week of January, follows a series of steps by the judiciary to block the courthouse door on behalf of corporations."

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Something illegal going on in here somewhere. The tale of a mysterious mound of Iraqi cash seized at the border, and the oddball cast that’s fighting for it | National Post:

Politico: Insider Predictions for 2016 - Best pick of the bunch here
“The establishment rallies around Rubio, Trump fades, and it becomes a Rubio-Cruz race,” a South Carolina Democrat agreed. “Rubio emerges as a damaged nominee after a long slog, and loses to Clinton in a close race.”

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