Noah Smith on the failures of the free-market ideology: Noahpinion: Free-market ideology: a reply to some replies:

Also,.. I thought those Indiana R's were all for free-markets, lots of competing business,,, let the invisible hand rule, etc.. This looks like they are OK with it as long as they get to pick the winners. FBI looks into Indiana Vaping law

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Aetna vs Obamacare

Fuck Aetna and the rest of the insurance companies. Medicare for all!!!

Aetna, Obamacare and health insurers’ 10 dirty secrets - MarketWatch:

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Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy:

Another example of Walmart relying on public, taxpayer-funded services, instead of of spending it's own money, all to make it's shareholders happy.

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Police State

Violence in Blue | Patrick Ball | Granta Magazine:

"Americans are afraid of many threats to their lives – serial killers, crazed gunmen, gang bangers, and above all terrorists – but these threats are surprisingly unlikely.[1] Approximately three-quarters of all homicide victims in America are killed by someone they know.[2] And the real threat from strangers is quite different from what most fear: one-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police."
(emphasis by tnb)

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Trump’s Rise

Study Does Not Debunk Widespread Theory for Trump’s Rise:

BS.... see this

Trump Voters

The Trump Voters

"Who are the Trump voters".

They are the people who've been brainwashed by Fox News over the last 20 years. Although Fox may not have (fully) supported Trump, his supporters are the people in this paper (below) counted/listed on the "Fox News" lines.

A good paper from Reagan Republican Bruce Bartlett (now an "Independent" not because Trump has captured the Republican Party but because Fox News has captured it).

How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics by Bruce Bartlett :: SSRN:

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Death Tax

Donald Trump’s most respectable economic idea is still amazingly bad | Fusion:
"This is, to say the least, weird. Almost nobody actually pays the estate tax, which is only paid by about 5,400 estates per year. To put it another way: of every 1,000 people who die each year, only two pay any estate tax at all. And those two people are very, very rich: the minimum amount of wealth you need to start paying the estate tax, after contributions to your spouse and to charity, is $5.4 million."

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Drone Crash Wounds 7

Israel will now have to bomb-the-shit out of itself after Israeli drone hurts more people than the last 73 Palestinian rockets combined

Drone Crashes Into House in Israeli Arab Village, Wounds 7 - Israel News - Haaretz:
A drone belonging to Israel Aerospace Industries crashed into a residential home in an Israeli Arab community in northern Israel Tuesday, lightly wounding seven people
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.735976

Maybe not,... it did hit an Arab community.

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