American Capitalism

The Wrong Kind of Entrepreneurs Flourish in America - Bloomberg:
..many American entrepreneurs are no longer looking for ways to produce more useful stuff, and are instead looking for new techniques for extracting money from each other and from the government. In other words, crony capitalism may be slowly cannibalizing productive capitalism.
I'd have to agree.

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The American Conservative

Conservatives...whining about R elites being better than the D's elite in the age of Trump where both ruling tribes lost.

Removing Trump Won’t Solve America’s Crisis | The American Conservative:
...These people are right about one thing: Trump is supremely unfit for his White House job. But that isn’t the central crisis; it is merely a symptom of it, though it seems increasingly to be reaching crisis proportions of its own.
When a man as uncouth and reckless as Trump becomes president by running against the nation’s elites, it’s a strong signal that the elites are the problem. 
"At least Republican elites resisted the emergence of Trump for as long as they could. Some even attacked him vociferously. But, unlike in the Democratic Party, the Republican candidate who most effectively captured the underlying sentiment of GOP voters ended up with the nomination. The Republican elites had to give way. Why? Because Republican voters fundamentally favor vulgar, ill-mannered, tawdry politicians? No, because the elite-generated society of America had become so bad in their view that they turned to the man who most clamorously rebelled against it."

Republican elites accepted Trump ... "because the elite-generated society of America had become so bad in their view that they turned to the man who most clamorously rebelled against it."

Like the R elite realized the masses wanted Trump so they just gave in to the rabble.

That's some bullshit.

The R's accepted Trump because they had no choice, the R voters chose him. Exactly the same reason the D's accepted Trump, the American voters chose him.

Of course the elite of both parties don't like him and are working to neuter him but they both accepted the outcome of the elections because, you know, the person with the most votes wins.  (well sort of but that's another story.)

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Trump vs Elite

I feel The Atlantic is usually pretty in-tune with what our elite think. Not that it's right or that it applies to most of the country, just that it's a good barometer of American elitism.

Donald Trump Has No Plan for Making America Great Again - The Atlantic:

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American Capitalism

On the rise of unproductive entrepreneurs like Travis Kalanick | FT Alphaville:
In short, entrepreneurs stop focusing on growing the pie and start focusing on stealing other people’s bit of the pie for themselves, or launching ICOs in get rich quick schemes.
Sounds like American Capitalism to me.  

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Cutting Taxes..

.. isn't good for you economy.  Political Irony › A Closer Look at Kansas:

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Health Bill

It'll be hard to design a heath care bill that helps people when you're paid and advised by corporations or groups that really just want to make money from it.

Vox interviewed 8 GOP senators about the health bill, and their answers are real head scratchers / Boing Boing:


The Silence of the Hacks

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The Real Death Tax

In your last few years the Medical establish takes everything you own.

This only applies to working class people though. The rich can protect their assets with the legal system. The poor don't really have anything to lose. The working class well, they pay the real death tax.

You’re Probably Going to Need Medicaid - The New York Times:

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Microsoft Updates

7:12 am  - click the update windows button.
8:05 am - Updates complete. computer is ready to use.

53 god-damn minutes out of my work day waiting for a fucking Microsoft update to finish.

You would think the company behind the largest operating system in the world could find a way to update its product without taking an hour out of my day. I mean they've only been doing these updates for what 25 years?

Fuck you Microsoft! 


Trump retweets 'Fox and Friends'

Trump retweets 'Fox and Friends' on ISIS link to Australia terror attack - U.S. News - Haaretz.com:

"The tweet comes a day after the Associated Press fact-checked President Trump’s weekend tweets and subsequently warned readers not to trust the president for accurate information during a terrorist attack."

It's pretty scary that Trump gets so much from Fox but he seems to get an amazing amount from "Fox and Friends", the most dumbed-down version of the Fox Propaganda line.

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About that Swamp - Middle East edition

Qatar crisis: Why are the Gulf states turning on Qatar? - Haaretz:

"It stems from disputes between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. The battle of leaks and hacking produced an interesting drama, after a series of emails allegedly exchanged between the U.A.E. ambassador in Washington, Yousef al-Otaiba, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a research institute that was founded and is funded by, among others, Sheldon Adelson and Edgar Bronfman, as well as other Jewish millionaires.

This is a neoconservative institute that was established after 9/11 and which enjoys excellent relations with Netanyahu and senior officials in the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli government.

According to the leaked emails the United Arab Emirates and the Foundation exchanged ideas and opinion regarding ways of handling Qatar due to its support of Hamas and Iran. Ambassador al-Otaiba, who is considered one of the most influential and well-respected figures in Washington is fostering strong links with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. He reportedly also had connections with Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer."

Seems like a lot of backroom slimy stuff going on here. It happened right after Trumps visit. Israel, Adelson, Jared, Dermer, and a US Think-Tank/lobby all involved. Interesting.

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Roger Ailes and Fox News

Now that Ailes is gone we're starting to see real stories about the Propaganda Network. 

FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman
How Roger Ailes & Fox News Got Rich Scamming America’s La Z Boy Cowboys and Selling Out America’s Soul

Some cuts but read the whole thing
To sell Fox New’s “Big Lie”, Fox manipulates and stages everything it does in opinion programming to create/facilitate actual addiction. The master Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would be impressed at the lengths Fox goes to in staging their partisan performance art aka propaganda-like programming.
The designated liberals job was simple: make the viewer so enraged from their recitation of hated liberal/progressive ideology (theology that the Fox viewer of course had been taught to hate from listening to thousands of hours of conservative talk radio for decades) that the viewer literally felt like “throwing a brick through my TV screen.”
What continues to blow me away to this day is . . most Fox News fans STILL don’t seem to get that the Fox opinion programming they are addicted to is just as fixed and fake as pro wrestling.


A good post from Noah Smith, though somehow he manages to completely ignore how the shouting of talk-radio and Fox news have driven the public conversation the last few decades.

The Shouting Class