One Party Doesn’t Care About Governing?

I agree with most of this.

Must-Read: Nancy LeTourneau: What Happens When One Party Doesn’t Care About Governing? - Equitable Growth:

R's win by making government look bad so D's shouldn't retaliate but the D's problem is deeper than that, government has to work for the people and it doesn't.
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The old conventional wisdom was that playing that game was productive and fun. You see, members of the Senate and the House. Thus, and so the two houses–everybody in them–shared the goal of trying to arrange things so that they each looked good to their local constituents. "
The "Looking good to local constituents" has been lost. Both parties care more about looking good to corporate constituents and the donor class than to their local constituents. Doing that makes government look bad to the people too, so favors R's in general and makes a lot voters angry.

It is splitting both parties. HRC, Jeb, Marco had the support of the corporate constituents and the donor class who basically have government working for them while Bernie and Trump drew the vote of people who government doesn't really work for anymore, the local constituents.

It's hard to see how the D's will make any progress unless they move toward a Bernie-like platform that favors the working class over the donor class. If they don't,  I'd expect that in the next few years an outsider will split the D's like Trump split the R's.

People are always calling for a third party but we're on the road to a four party system.

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Clinton vs Trump. The D's hope.

The D's are screwing up. This..[comic by the great David Horsey]

.. isn't going to work when the R's replace Trump with Paul Ryan (or similar) at the convention.

At that point, the D's will have an unpopular, scandal-ridden, Wall Street owned, establishment candidate running against a new, fresh R, who hasn't offended women, Hispanics, or Muslims. One who doesn't have a Twitter account full of  hateful comments. One who doesn't have a thousand Primary season videos of himself spouting stupid crap. One who can claim to be representing a "New" R party that replaced Trump because he was just too mean and racist to be the R candidate.

How's HRC going to stack up against that?



You don't go to jail or be run out of the country for leaking top secret information if you're a member of the ruling class.

Petraeus Leaked To Reporters But Faced No Consequences:

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This story looks like a plant by the propaganda artists, like "Iranian terrorists are sneaking across the border", "Muslims are using civilians as human shields", "Iraq has WMD" and are "throwing babies out of hospital windows", etc.

Illegal immigrants kidnapping children to sneak into U.S. as 'family units,' feds say - Washington Times:

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US Democracy

On the AP calling it for Hillary.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: The "wonderful" US corporate "democracy" fully exposed thanks to Bernie:
"This is the perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Party primary: The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization — incredibly — conceals."

The rabble got to choose Trump for the R's. The elite insiders chose Hillary for the D's. Somehow I think the US would have been better-off if it was the other way around, with the rabble choosing Bernie for the D's and the elite insiders getting Bush for the R's.

The D rabble seems to have a better sense of the good government can do. The R rabble just wants to tear government down and beat on others. Both D and R elite insiders want to make war and own everything but the R's are at least upfront about it. The D elite are just a dirtier-slimier R's.

It'll be the dirtiest, shit-bag election of my life.

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Bill O

Wonkette has a great Bill O post here:

Bill O’Reilly So Sad No One Will Talk About The Murderous Blacks | Wonkette:

"The thing that hurts O’Reilly the most though? It is the liberal media’s absolute refusal to talk about how violent and murderous the blacks are. Oh, how beautiful life would be if only Bill O’Reilly could turn his tee-vee on and hear the nightly “How Are Black People Failing Us Today?” report. But NO, they cover allllllll of that up, so when Bill O’Reilly comes in with his NO SPIN ZONE talk about black people, like how they are violent criminals who refuse to pull their pants up even though he has repeatedly stated that he does not care for that look, everyone thinks he is a racist. Even though he is just being totally objective. Because, again, it is the NO SPIN ZONE, so all of his opinions are actually facts. Them’s the rules of the NO SPIN ZONE!"

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Howard Dean's Fall

I'd bet this ......
Under fire for saying that the United States should be even-handed in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, 2004 Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean... 
found here:
CNN.com - Dean defends Middle East remarks - Sep. 10, 2003:

had more to do with the fall of Howard Dean than this

The Dean Scream

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Gaza isn't occupied...

it's an open air prison

Reality Check: Gaza is still occupied - Al Jazeera English:

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HRC? The D's are screwing up.

How the Hell We Got Here: Why the Democratic Party is Splitting :: Politics :: Features :: Paste:

The D's are splitting for the same reason the R's have split and now have Trump.

The people are tired of government that doesn't work for them. The two parties have absolute control over a government that works for elite-corporate interests but not for the people. The people are voting against that this time. They've thrown out the R party candidates and chosen Trump. They are making HRC's coronation difficult and may yet throw her out. It is an anti-establishment year.

If it comes down to an HRC vs Trump general election, HRC is in trouble. She's the establishment candidate in an election filled with anti-establishment rage.

And, she's a crappy candidate anyway as noted in the link above
Right now, the Democratic Party is on the verge of nominating a candidate who would be the least popular presidential nominee since David Duke if not for her rival on the Republican side. It is about to run a candidate who, despite claims to the contrary, is currently being investigated by the FBI, and who, by all rights, would be at home as a Republican if not for some social issues. In a year of outsider insurgency, Democrats are about to rally behind the candidate who most exemplifies the political establishment, save for the fact that Hillary Clinton is not a white man. They’re about to stake the future on someone most people associate with the word “dishonest,” and who polls show is the weaker candidate; someone who is almost certain to lose her reelection bid in 2020 — a Census year in which down-ballot voting is essential if the Democrats want a chance to retake the House of Representatives before 2031. The establishment of the party has seemingly done all it can to guarantee this outcome.

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Bernie's Health Care Plan

Jeffrey Sachs: Bernie Sanders easily wins the policy debate - The Washington Post:

On health care, Sanders’s proposal for a single-payer system has been roundly attacked as too expensive. His campaign (for which I briefly served as a foreign policy adviser) is told that his plan will raise taxes and burst the budget. But this attack misses the whole point of his health proposals. While health spending by the government would go up in the Sanders health plan, private insurance payments would disappear, generating huge net savings for the American people. 
Countries such as Canada, Germany, Sweden and Britain all follow something like a single-payer approach and pay much less for health care than the United States does. While the United States spent 16.4 percent of gross domestic product on health care in 2013, Canada paid only 10.2 percent; Germany, 11 percent; Sweden, 11 percent; and Britain, 8.5 percent. U.S. overspending is about 5 percent of GDP, or nearly $1 trillion as of 2016, mainly because of the excessive market power of private health insurers and big drug companies. An authoritative study by the U.S. Institute of Medicine confirms this extent of excess costs, finding losses of about 5 percent of GDP in 2009. Critics of Sanders’s health plan have failed to recognize or acknowledge the huge savings and cost reductions that would accompany a single-payer system.

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HRC vs Bernie

Why won't Bernie Sanders step down for the sake of the American Left? | Voices | The Independent:

"Why won't Bernie Sanders step down for the sake of the American Left?"
Because he's the only one running for the "sake of the American Left".

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