America Can’t Be Trusted Anymore

He's not making America Great"

America Can’t Be Trusted Anymore – Foreign Policy:
"Which brings us to Donald Trump. The world is now dealing with a U.S. president who appears to have no firm convictions or beliefs, the attention span of a hummingbird, and who apparently makes important national security decisions on the basis of whatever fairytale he just saw on Fox & Friends. As near as one can tell, he never saw a treaty or agreement signed by his predecessor that he liked, even though he has trouble explaining what’s wrong with any of them. He just likes to talk about “tearing them up” no matter what the consequences may be. 
Trump is also a serial fabulist who lies with facility and frequency yet has yet to pay any political penalty for his disinterest in truth. Determined to outdo his predecessor in every way, Trump uttered six times as many falsehoods in his first 10 months as president as Obama did in his entire two terms. Add to that the frenetic pace of turnover within the White House and the cabinet, and you have an environment where no policy utterance can be expected to have a shelf life greater than a week or two"

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Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria - CNNPolitics:  Because building a South Vietnamese army worked so well in the 60's.

About those Chemical weapons in Syria: The Search for the Truth in Douma  and Eight Takeaways on Boss Tweet’s Latest Syrian Missile Spasm

Also... Two Minutes of Truth on Syria (Jeffrey Sachs Nails it)

On Tax Day. TurboTax: Don’t file your taxes with it - Vox: yep. Indiana once had a great little free online tax program but it disappeared during the Mitch Daniels reign. I'm guessing a tax lobbyist got to him.

Hannity  I'm guessing that Hannity didn't have any real legal relationship with Cohen. I'll bet Cohen was just the pipeline between the Trump administration and Hannity/Fox News.

Everything is politicized.

Syria: Obama -Trump

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Low wages

How the American economy conspires to keep wages down | Gabriel Winant | Opinion | The Guardian:

Basically, workers need more power. We've spent the last 40 years with governments that favor business over workers and low wage growth just goes with that. Give businesses more power and wage growth will lag. Give the people more power and more freedom in their work lives and we'll see some wage growth.

Unions, health-care that's not tied to employment, more support for people moving to where jobs are and less support to keep people where jobs aren't, etc.. all would help.

Hell, a few articles that instead of saying "businesses can't find qualified help" would say "businesses can't find qualified help at the wage they want to pay" would help.

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Fox News

Every news organization's front page today is about the Syrian bombing except Fox who punches on the  Conservative world's enemy of the moment. Nice link to HRC too.

Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos:

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Mohammed bin Salman

John Bolton and .....

The Coming Crisis with Iran:
The always precarious state of US relations with Iran, and with the Middle East as a whole, will be blown apart should Trump nix the nuclear deal.  Iran is likely to immediately resume production of nuclear-weapon grade materials. US relations with its European allies will be deeply unsettled, another bitter pill will be added to relations with Russia and China (both of which endorsed the nuclear deal), the Israeli far right will be emboldened to join in pressuring (and perhaps attacking) Iran, and the Saudis and others will be encouraged to produce their own nuclear weapons.

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17 Years of War ..

.. and most Americans don't have a clue.

Operation Flailing Empire:
"For the sake of truth in advertising, let’s rename this ongoing conflict Operation Everlasting Quagmire."

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Gosh, I remember when the right-wing business-leader types were blaming the slow recovery on the high level of uncertainty caused by the Obama administration.

The level of uncertainty of this bozo's administration is off the charts compared to Obama's and the economy is rolling along (at least for now).

Could it be those business leader types were just wrong back then?

TPP: Maybe Not So Horrible | Econbrowser:

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Middle East

Jerusalem responds to Russia: Iranian aggression is destabilizing Syria – not Israel - Israel News - Haaretz.com:
"Jerusalem Responds to Russia: Iranian Aggression Is Destabilizing Syria – Not Israel"
I'd guess Israel isn't destabilizing Gaza either?

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Russia, Syria and Israel



Inside the White House Bible Study group - BBC News: Again,... There's no level of crazy that adding a bible study group wont make worse.

Could we build the Facebook-era equivalent of public broadcasting?   NO.   The right-wing cult would never let it happen. They call it FAKEBOOK and Fox would headline it as an enemy every other day and just hammer it into the ground. You can't have nice things in Teabaggistan.

Hate The Government? A PRINCIPLED WELCOME | Gin and Tacos:

Hate Iran? Top 5 Ways Iran is not very much like Hitler’s Germany

Hate Amazon? Can you imagine if Obama had done this? The right would have been screaming for his head.  In his Amazon tiff, Trump bullies the big kid - POLITICO:

Hate Free Trade? Trump and His Tariffs:

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China's Belt

This map could be used to tell the story of recent American foreign policy.

China is looking to build easy paths to Europe markets, paths that are going to have to go through
  • Iran and Turkey
  • Ukraine and Russia
  • or through the Red Sea.
All places the US is either stirring up trouble, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia; or paying-off/working-with corrupt regimes, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel.

The geographic isolation that saved the US from the destruction of the world wars may be its downfall in the free market, American-capitalist world it helped to build.

Is China's Belt and Road working? A progress report from eight countries - Nikkei Asian Review:

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Vox on Monopoly power

Companies have monopoly power over workers’ wages. That’s killing the economy. - Vox
"To put this into more concrete terms, consider the market for nurses. The median wage for a nurse is about $68,000. Given what we know about the labor market power of medical institutions, the true competitive wage for a nurse would be at least $90,000, possibly as much as $200,000."
A decent and I think mostly correct article. Employers have too much and employees too little power in the US today today and that is suppressing wage growth.

The unions have been busted and for the mass of workers, low wages, no benefits, and crappy hours are the only choice, but..... using nurses as an example is not going to help get the message to the people who need to hear it.

The folks mentioned above, the low education, low wage, workers surviving on 22,000 a year, those who dominate rural America, are not going to be sympathetic to anyone using a 68,000 median wage nurse as an example.

Talk about Walmart, quicky-marts, every other retail, food service, hospitality, low end health care workers, small midwest factory workers and your study might resonate with someone outside of the "Atlantic/New Yorker" crowd.

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Dirty Tricks

The same target marketing developed and perfected to sell crap to American consumers will eventually destroy democracy. Social media is the easiest way to deliver the message but it's not required.

Hungary’s Election Campaign Ends in a Flurry of Dirty Tricks:

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