Politics under Social Media.

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Trump and Social Media: Welcome to the New World

Trump has also mastered, via social media, the art of Internet logic. His tweets often read like the “Comments” section on some political blog. Make a bold statement unsupported by facts. When challenged, demand the challenger provide proof you’re wrong (often meaning to prove the negative) and then mock them if they don’t respond. Dispute sources, not facts — X can’t be true because it was reported by a media outlet that favored Clinton. Attack ad hominem, and goad others into doing the same. The enemy isn’t just CNN, it is Jeff Zeleny himself. Then stand back and disavow what happens, up to and including death threats. And, for the triple score, issue an appeal for calm with a conspiratorial wink.



Trump’s Appointments.  A little scary. Yes. A bit Swamp-ish. Yes. But...you can't complain about the selections until we see what policies they have in store for us.

The Carrier Deal. The taxpayers of Indiana pay 7 million to keep a few hundred jobs. Government picking winners and losers.  Still socialism isn't always bad.  Anyway, Here's the point by Chris Arnade.

More on filling the Swamp

Politicising Investment

 Politicising investment makes the world poorer from the FT.
 Mr Trump’s little deal in Indiana is a good example. During the campaign, he threatened companies like Carrier with punitive taxes if they set up operations abroad. Bribing them to desist is as bad. It will encourage other companies to follow suit and blackmail politicians for protection money to keep operations in the US, ultimately tending to the routine politicisation of investment.
Hell, US States have been bribing companies to stay or locate in their states via tax incentives forever. It has been a race to the bottom, with companies moving out of union-friendly or high wage states to low wage areas. They don't stop moving until wages have reached a threshold just high enough to keep the people from starving (As long as they get food stamps and government paid healthcare). It has helped put the American worker in the shape their in.

Drain the Swamp?

From the always good David Horsey


Jill Stein vs Hillary

Jill Stein Is Horrible. What's Your Point?

The D's really need to stop bitching about Jill Stein. I mean....Damn... you had a crappy product that people didn't like. What do you expect them to do.

Let's assume McDonalds brings out a new sandwich, The Hillary Burger. It just doesn't taste very good. You can stomach it but still its pretty bad. They run a giant test comparing it to the Big Mac but they carefully construct the test so that it favors the new sandwich. They use a lot of Big Mac haters, throw in a some family and friends of the people who developed the Hillary Burger, talk down the Big Mac, etc.

The Hillary burger comes out on top in the test but it's very close.

Still, they are still McDonalds. The best burger joint. They know what's right. People love their burgers and the other burger joints are selling some pretty crappy stuff right now too.

So they take the new burger to market nnd,.. it just doesn't sell very well.

It looks like it could flop.

They promote the hell out of it but still, it doesn't sell.

They talk about how crappy their competition is but it still doesn't sell.

Finally it flops. Their customers rush to the other burger joints. Their sales fall and they become a third rate burger joint.

Now, for the Jill Stein, Bernie haters out there the question is,..

What should McDonalds do?

Bitch about their how stupid and crappy their customers are for going to those other burger joints.


Make a better product.



Trump since the election


This, from the comments, is the best description of the post-election Trump I've seen.
"But frankly, what I see right now is not an autocrat consolidating his power around a cult of personality. I see a MASSIVE power vacuum opening up in the executive branch and Congressional lifers swooping in to capitalize. Trump doesn't know, and doesn't care, what's going on, which means people like Paul Ryan, who DO know and DO care, see their chance to do what they've always wanted. Do you remember Trump running on abolishing Medicare? Neither do any of his supporters. But since Trump is an empty suit and a bad hairpiece, suddenly Medicare repeal is item 1 on the agenda."

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From Israel with love

To the American voter.

The Unbearable Stupidity of Donald Trump's Election
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/u-s-election-2016/.premium-1.755553


Misc Crap

Lots of good shots here. Scan them all.  Roaming Charges: Darkness, Darkness

Wow. David Brooks admits decision making doesn't matter. We are all just captured by life. I suppose he wants those CEOs to take a pay cut since their decisions don't really matter.

The battle over fake news isn't really about fake news, it's about who controls the news. Fake news, by falsehood or omission, is fine if you want to go to war in Iraq, steal land from Palestinians, bomb Yemen, Syria or Iraq. Start revolutions in the Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, or Brazil. Hate the Russians,Chinese or Muslims, Paint Snowden or Wikileaks as a traitors or Israel as a democracy. Show illegal drugs as all bad or legal drugs as OK. Fight a war against dirty-hippie protesters. Paint cops or our military as always right and good regardless of how many civilians die. etc. Fake News has always been around. The Internet has just allowed anyone to create it.

Make America Great Again

To all those who want to return to the good old days when America was great,

Me too, Somewhere between 1947 and 1977 look about right to me.

 Top 0.1% Holds Same Amount of Wealth as Bottom 90%


 Workers Don’t Need Trump to Give Them a Voice. They Need Unions
Unions—more than any other organization—give people a real say in the economy and in politics. They help raise wages, reduce inequality, and boost economic mobility. But even more importantly, unions help people feel their own agency. They provide workers—particularly those with less education and lower incomes—with the means and opportunity to stand up for themselves and participate more fully in our democracy. Union members are much more likely to vote, take political action, join other groups, and be more charitable.
Unions serve as an alternative source of power that workers control—not the government, and not the wealthy. That’s why they’re one of the first things that authoritarian leaders go after.
I've never understood why the recent American idea of free markets never included the idea of the workers being free to form strong unions? I mean,... if businesses are freed of government restrictions shouldn't the worker be free to unionize?

The best thing that could happen in the US right now is to unionize all corporate big-box stores and food joints who's workers make up the vast majority of todays working poor. Unionization of these would give higher wages, better insurance coverage, and overall better life to millions without the big bad government getting involved.


Trump and Fascism

A good post here on why its wrong to paint Trump as a Fascist at this point.

The Revival of the Working-Class Concept: Trump, the Class Struggle and the (Somewhat Overstated) Specter of Fascism

As an utilitarian device, it might be useful for some radical left parties to announce that Trump is a fascist, and so a new era has dawned, and to interpret the ongoing protests as fundamentally (“objectively”) anti-fascist. But this is not Germany in 1933. Trump appeals to jingoism, but shows few signs of having military expansion and empire-building in mind. He has anti-Semites in his circle, but an Orthodox Jewish son-in-law and his daughter and indispensable aide Ivanka is a Jew by conversion. Trump has nothing like the mass-based, well-organized Nazi or Italian Fascist party apparatus behind him; he has the Republican Party, which he has badly divided, and for the time being a large array of tiny organizations who have made him the poster boy of White Pride and White Power. His inner circle keeps changing as he fires people. He articulates no clear ideology, as Hitler and Mussolini had done with evil eloquence; indeed, he is singularly inarticulate. 
Trump has established a nascent personality cult. 


Living with Trump

Good discussion at Balkinization on the D's not accepting the outcome of the election. The post is a D freak-out with common sense prevailing in the comments, including this
The reality is, if you believe in democratic values, the fundamental value is you don't mess around with election results. Much, much more fundamental than "majoritarianism" or "Trump is a uniquely bad candidate" or anything else. You hold the election, you don't like the result, and you accept it. Period. Non-negotiable.
I agree. We have to live with the results. I think Trump will be a disaster but mostly because he's showing full R tendencies at the moment but three other things scare me more than a Trump regime.

1. If Trump really sells out to the establishment R's (like he's done so far), his supporters are really going to be pissed and the next candidate to harness that anger might not be as "establishment" as Trump.

2.  The D's hammered on the "stolen" 2000 election, Hinted at a stolen Ohio in 2004. The R's never accepted Obama from either of his wins and talk continually of voter fraud, Now the D's are hammering on the electors and, in the last day or two, hinting at recounts. That's damned-near 20 years of both side complaining about a broken, corrupt system. The parties talk it it and, based on this election, the people believe it. They are losing faith and don't trust in the system. At some point, there will be no reason to believe a vote will help so we may start voting with bullets. That would not be good.

Anyway, let the voters see what a few years of full-throttle, R-led, free-market, grab-all-you-can, American corrupitalism can do to them. Maybe a progressive party will have a chance in a few years

oh, I guess there are 3 things that scare me.

 3.  Mike Pence. There's nothing that a bible-banger can't make worse. Imagine, full-throttle, R-led, free-market, grab-all-you-can, American corrupitalism with full-throttle Evangelicalism added to the mix. It would be like living in a Taliban owned Walmart.



Who to Hate?

Donald Trump and the Sense of Power by Robert J. Shiller - Project Syndicate:
 ".. their support for Walker, amid evidence of economic decline, reflected their extreme anger and resentment toward privileged people in big cities, who, before Walker, had ignored them, except to tax them. And their taxes went, in part, to pay for government employees’ health insurance and pension plans, benefits that they themselves often could not afford."
Government workers have something nice, pensions and benefits.

Private sector workers don't.

So,.. private sector workers hate the government?

You'd think they'd hate the private sector people making the decision to not offer pensions and benefits.

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