American Corrupitalism

A Right-Wing Think Tank Claimed to Be a Church. Now, Members of Congress Want to Investigate.

In its application for church status, the organization said it met 11 of the 14 characteristics that the IRS uses to determine whether an organization is a church, including an established place of worship — a chapel in the organization’s Washington office building, at which it said it holds services attended by more than 65 people. (Someone who answered the phone at the office said the group doesn’t offer church services.)

Taxing all religion would eliminate this ... and bring in a lot of cash.


The Gaza Strip

About the open-air prison that Israel bombs-the-shit-out-of every few years.

The Gaza Strip explained in maps

The Gaza Strip, home to 2.1 million people, has been under an Israeli-imposed land, sea and air blockade for the past 15 years.



Indiana Abortions

Every one of these Indiana reps should be voted out of office.

Representatives voting yes, to remove exceptions for rape and incest:

  • David Abbott, R-Rome City
  • Brad Barrett, R-Richmond
  • Stephen Bartels, R-Eckerty
  • Bruce Borders, R-Jasonville
  • Martin Carbaugh, R-Fort Wayne
  • Michelle Davis, R-Whiteland
  • J. Michael Davisson, R-Salem
  • Dale DeVon, R-Granger
  • Jeff Ellington, R-Bloomfield
  • Karen Engleman, R-Georgetown
  • Douglas Gutwein, R-Francesville
  • Dave Heine, R-New Haven
  • Matt Hostettler, R-Patoka
  • John Jacob, R-Indianapolis
  • Chris Jeter, R-Fishers
  • Jack Jordan, R-Bremen
  • Chris Judy, R-Fort Wayne
  • Joanna King, R-Middlebury
  • Ryan Lauer, R-Columbus
  • Cindy Ledbetter, R-Newburgh
  • Don Lehe, R-Brookston
  • Matt Lehman, R-Berne
  • Dan Leonard, R-Huntington
  • Shane Lindauer, R-Jasper
  • Chris May, R-Bedford
  • Peggy Mayfield, R-Martinsville
  • Doug Miller, R-Elkhart
  • Bob Morris, R-Fort Wayne
  • Curt Nisly, R-Milford
  • Tim O’Brien, R-Evansville
  • Zach Payne, R-Charlestown
  • J.D. Prescott, R-Union City
  • Ben Smaltz, R-Auburn
  • Craig Snow, R-Warsaw
  • Mike Speedy, R-Indianapolis
  • Jake Teshka, R-South Bend
  • Jeff Thompson, R-Lizton
  • Heath VanNatter, R-Kokomo
  • Timothy Wesco, R-Osceola





The best thing you can read on the internet today. 

It and all the comments should be required reading for everyone.

heisenbergreport: 300-million-hamsters

A clip but read it all plus the comments. Lots of good stuff.

The current system doesn’t benefit everyday people who, by and large, live like hamsters. Whether you make $40,000 or $200,000 per year, you’re a hamster. Chances are, your day goes something like the following. You wake up, wander around an enclosure embellished with odds and ends that someone else thought you’d probably enjoy looking at (or laying on). You work, where that almost always entails some iteration of digging a hole only to fill it back up again. You go back to your enclosure and run full speed for 20 minutes on a conveyor belt (or ride 20 miles on a stationary bike to nowhere). You eat something very similar to what you ate the previous day, usually out of the same bowl (or one that looks just like it). Then you curl up and sleep in a corner. You’re a hamster.

With just a few exceptions, politicians want to keep it that way. But 300 million hamsters is a lot of hamsters! If they suddenly decide, collectively, that they want more out of life, there’s not a lot anybody can do to stop them — not if they act in concert after concluding that for all their differences, they’re united in a pitiable existence that’s become intolerable.

The best way to prevent a hamster rebellion is to ensure they never recognize a common cause, or if they do, that they see it as secondary to what makes them different. Politicians know that exploiting social issues is a foolproof way to prevent the public from uniting around the only truly common cause: Shared economic precarity, either outright or relative. That’s why they spend so much time feeding America’s culture wars.

Republicans prey on deep-seated prejudices and anxieties to lure voters who, from a purely economic perspective, have absolutely nothing in common with the GOP and stand to lose whatever pittance of money and bargaining power they have to Republican economic policies. Democrats pretend to care about income inequality, but the message is everywhere and always couched in the language of the culture wars: “Only we care about African American communities” or “We’re the party of gender equality” and so on.

Note that there’s one exception: Bernie Sanders. Bernie gets it. He tried to unite Americans around the only thing they all have in common. Twice. Twice he tried to lead a hamster rebellion. In a testament to the notion that preventing Americans from finding common cause is a bipartisan effort, Republicans never had to worry much about Bernie. Why? Because Democrats made sure he never won a primary.

How does this all relate to the Fed and the fight to control inflation? Well, it’s pretty simple, really. If the public loses faith in the money and long-term inflation expectations become truly unanchored, all of the divisive social issues that politicians spend every waking hour inflaming in a bid to ensure the public is too preoccupied with divisions that don’t matter to find common purpose in the only thing that does, will be supplanted, virtually overnight, by existential questions about survival in the face of rapidly devalued money and the perception that the people who are supposed to ensure the money’s stability lack not just the will to do their job, but in fact the capacity.

And one comment

This comment (directly above) is indicative of why Americans will always be hamsters. They don’t want transformative change. They want to hang out in their enclosures and hope that, over time, they can buy a larger enclosure. Centrist politics has failed this country. Neoliberalism has failed this country. If you look at the trend, you could argue that every single administration going back four decades has generally failed this country given that working people have become worse off, and worse off, and worse off over the entire 40-year period. Eventually, working people got so sick of it that they elected a reality TV show host and when he lost an election, a handful of them were mad enough to storm Congress with sticks and baseball bats and bear spray.

So yeah, sure, it’s all going great. Inflation is transitory. Powell’s got this all under control. Biden’s approval rating isn’t 38 (that’s 38, with a three at the front). Joe Manchin doesn’t run the country. And the reason the GOP is increasingly dominated by unhinged conspiracy theorists has nothing whatsoever to do with a lack of hope, a lack of education and the generalized sense in which this country is becoming the closest thing to a failed state as you can get in a developed market.

American Corrupitalism

More corruption at the intersection of Business and Government. 

Lobbying Blitz Pushed Fertilizer Prices Higher, Fueling Food Inflation


Social Security

Arizona GOP Nominee For US Senate: Privatize Social Security

BLAKE MASTERS: We got to cut the knot at some point, though, because I'll tell you what, I'm not going to receive Social Security. I'm a millennial. ...We need fresh and innovative thinking. Maybe we should privatize Social Security. Private retirement accounts, get the government out of it.

I remember having this same conversation with buddies of mine back in college. 

None of us thought Social Security would be around for us.

I get my first check next month.

Fuckers are just trying to scare the young to bail on the old. Divide and conquer.

Keep SS ! It is just one leg of everyone's retirement plan.


Religion ...

... causes a lot of problems for the rest of us.

Polio: Virus found in wastewater of New York City suburb

Rockland County is home to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in which vaccination rates have historically been very low. In 2018 and 2019, Rockland County was the epicenter of a major measles outbreak that continued for nearly a year and sickened 312 people. County health officials reported at the time that only 8% of cases had been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella before the outbreak began.

On the Economy

The best paragraph on the economy I've seen in weeks.

 Weekly Market Pulse: Opposite George

"We came into COVID growing at an average of 2.1% over the prior decade. During COVID we didn’t do anything to improve the potential growth rate of the economy. And I don’t think we did anything that significantly reduces that potential either. What that means is that we are ultimately headed back to whence we came, a 2% growth trend. What we’re doing right now is removing the COVID distortions – from the lockdowns and the stimmie checks and the easy money policies of the Fed. What those distortions did was drive goods consumption well above trend and services consumption well below trend. As they move back to trend, the goods side of the economy will slow and the services side will rise." 




Keeping Iran from going nuclear

Proud Papa: How Joe Biden Became the Father of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb

Obama setup a plan that was working.

Israel and their backers hated it.

Trump collected a ton of Pro-Israel cash for his party and killed the deal.

Biden said he'd return to the Obama deal.

Iran was willing to accept it. 

Israel and their backers would not accept it..

Biden has not returned to the deal. I assume he wants a ton of pro-Israel money for his party or at least ... doesn't want the pro-Israel money working against his party.

Israel loves the "no deal" and seems to want a war instead.

The US needs to step up and return to the Obama deal.

Dr Oz

Just another Scammer



AIPAC's Power

AIPAC declares war on any support of Palestinian human rights: AIPAC's all-out assault on Andy Levin and Donna Edwards reflects their ongoing effort to shift the boundaries of acceptable politics on Israel. 

 Biden Aide: ‘Highly Unlikely’ Iran Nuclear Deal Will Be Revived Soon