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Ben & Jerry’s New York Times Treacle

It’s a long-used liberal Zionist nostrum that Israel is a “liberal democracy.”  This enables a separation between the Occupation from Israel itself, and so redeem the latter, while condemning the former.  But this is no longer a credible moral stance.  Israel itself has abandoned democracy in favor of Judeo-supremacy. This is shown not only via the 50 laws which discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel; it is also inscribed in the Nation State law which explicitly states that the country exists by, of, and for Jews.  Among other things the legislation specifically abandoned Arabic as one of the country’s national languages and Islam as one of its recognized religions.

While Israel has not formally annexed the Territories, it maintains full control over all of it.  Even areas in which the PA is supposed to have full control are routinely invaded by Israeli forces who arrest Palestinians, and destroy homes, businesses and non-profit offices.  In Gaza, Israel maintains a two decade illegal siege of the enclave, including control of ingress and egress, fulfilling the international definition of a military occupation.  In addition, Human Rights Watch just released a report finding that Israel’s attack on Gaza last May constituted war crimes.  It urged the International Criminal Court to include these events in its ongoing investigation, which the outgoing chief prosecutor said she would do during the war.


Fox News Misinformation

GDP growth was almost twice what it was every year under the Trump administration but Fox want's it's viewers to think the economy is crashing under Biden. 

from the article .

Gross domestic product – the broadest measure of economic performance – grew at a 6.5% annual rate during the second quarter, according to an advance estimate released Thursday by the Commerce Department. Analysts surveyed by Refintiv were expecting 8.5% growth. 

First quarter GDP was revised down to 6.3% from its previous reading of 6.4%. 

GDP growth never broke 4% under Trump.



Medicare for All

 Medicare for All Advocates Take to the Streets of Over 50 US Cities

"How can we have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when we live in constant fear of illness, bankruptcy, or homelessness because of the outrageous for-profit healthcare system?"

Good Question.


American Meritocracy

Worth reading.

America’s Collapsing Meritocracy Is a Recipe for Revolt:  Chinese history shows what happens when an old system loses its force.

"Educational systems everywhere are systems of social control, and a testing apparatus on an imperial scale was a core method of molding society as well as the government to fit the needs of the imperial court. The standardized test created standard elite language, culture, and, crucially, expectations."


The Endless Pursuit of Better - Long but worth reading.

Medicare for All

Happy Birthday, Medicare: You showed that public, universal health insurance is superior to private insurance in every way

"It’s time to end inadequate and dangerous health insurance programs. Insist on real health insurance reform essential for individuals and families. American history is filled with examples of fundamental, democratic change brought about by successful mass action and public pressure against the counseling of the go slow, vested interest crowd. No more waiting! Ask your legislators to fully support Medicare For All. A majority of Americans support Medicare and want expansion of this program to provide health insurance for all. Write to your senators and representatives and let them know how you feel about expanding Medicare. The very best way to cope with the vast dangers of COVID-19 to everyone is to immediately implement improved Medicare for All 2021 with H.R.1976. By making health insurance available to all age groups, we can enjoy and celebrate Medicare’s 56th birthday with the assurance that this life-saving health insurance program will continue."

Propaganda - Corporate D style

 CIA inspector general reviewing handling of 'Havana Syndrome' cases

"Still, victims, lawmakers and some State Department and intelligence officers are growing frustrated that six years after the first cases were reported in Havana, Cuba, the intelligence community hasn't been able to name the culprit — or even if the episodes can definitively be termed "attacks."

So we're not even sure if it exists, what is is, or if it's even an attack but the Corporate Democrats want you to think Russia is responsible.

CNN runs the article above and names Russia as a possible source.

I heard an NPR radio host ask Burns if it could be Russia. He replied something like .. it could be Russia but it could be anyone or anything we don't really know. Then the NPR host ended the story with ".. it could be Russia".

Both articles stop short of blaming Russia but both get close enough that someone you know will be telling you Russia is responsible.


Another good post at Stumbling &Mumbling

Honesty vs Electability

" .. politicians – or at least honest ones – need “phenomenal reserves of self-control.” Telling the truth to an electorate that is systematically misinformed about almost everything might not get you far."



Good post on change in car manufacturing.

 How to Build a Giant Carmaker


 Wake up, America: The world just isn’t that into you

Ben & Jerry's vs Israel

Ben & Jerry's pulls product from the Israeli occupied territories.

Israeli Meltdown as Tel Aviv accuses Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream of “Terrorism” for Boycotting illegal Israeli Squatter-Settlements in Palestine

Israeli firm tries to take their trademark.

Israeli NGO trademark Ben & Jerry's knockoff after Israel boycott - report

American states try to make business decisions illegal. I though we were pro-business?

Five states considering sanctions on Ben & Jerry’s after West Bank pullout


Israel vs Lebanon

Hell, the IDF is the reason Gaza is like Gaza.

Hey Google!

Why the f*ck is right-wing propagandist Laura Ingraham's opinion at the top of my news feed?

It's not really an opinion-piece but a Fox News staff write-up of her opinion.

Regardless, it should not be considered headline news.

Google News Feed 7/22.2021 11:00ET


Israel vs Their Neighbors

Israel attacking it's neighbors.

Reported Israeli air strike over Syria – second in two days



This is long and may not be accurate but is a damn good read.

A Chemical Hunger – Part I: Mysteries

"The first mystery is the obesity epidemic itself. It’s hard for a modern person to appreciate just how thin we all were for most of human history. A century ago, the average man in the US weighed around 155 lbs. Today, he weighs about 195 lbs. About 1% of the population was obese back then. Now it’s about 36%."