Some artistic methods amaze me.  SIMON BERGER

Israel vs Palestinians

Trump-era spike in Israeli settlement growth has only begun

EFRAT, West Bank (AP) — An aggressive Israeli settlement spree during the Trump era pushed deeper than ever into the occupied West Bank — territory the Palestinians seek for a state — with over 9,000 homes built and thousands more in the pipeline, an AP investigation showed.

If left unchallenged by the Biden administration, the construction boom could make fading hopes for an internationally backed two-state solution — Palestine alongside Israel — even more elusive.

Satellite images and data obtained by The Associated Press document for the first time the full impact of the policies of then-President Donald Trump, who abandoned decades-long U.S. opposition to the settlements and proposed a Mideast plan that would have allowed Israel to keep them all — even those deep inside the West Bank.


Brazil's New Christ Statue

Brazil building new giant Christ statue, taller than Rio's

That'll fix the rising authoritarianism, wide-spread poverty, and massive COVID crisis Brazil is facing.


Fox Propaganda

 Fox had this on the front page today.


The headline for both articles hint that AOC ordered the visit but deep in both stories they quote the capital police saying AOC had nothing to do with it, it was normal procedure.  

The California Highway Patrol told Fox News it often assists other law enforcement agencies, including the Capitol Police, when requested to help out in an investigation. They directed any questions to the Capitol Police, which is in charge of security for members of Congress.

The Capitol Police confirmed to Fox News that the Ocasio-Cortez did not flag any tweets from @queeralamode as threatening and police started this investigation as part of its regular effort to monitor threats.  

"USCP investigates all threats that are reported by Congressional offices. The Department also monitors open and classified sources to identify and investigate threats," the Capitol Police said in a statement to Fox News. "This is standard operating procedure for the Department. As it pertains to this incident, the Congresswomen did not request that USCP initiate an investigation."

Fox is just fueling the rage. They should not be allowed to call themselves "News".


Israel vs Iran

Israel hits Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

 Israel shifts focus to Tehran’s sea bridge, strikes Guards ship in the Red Sea

"A US official told The New York Times that Israel had informed Washington of an attack by its forces on the IRGC-flagged Saviz in the Red Sea on Tuesday, April 6, in reprisal for Iranian strikes against its merchant vessels. The target was a floating IRGC intelligence base stationed between Eritrea and Yemen."


Vienna talks, mines in the Red Sea, and a message from Jerusalem -analysis

"..Someone in Washington apparently views the attack as an attempt to undermine their diplomatic efforts.."

Imagine that. 

I wonder how a war in middle east will affect gas prices? I think I'll ask my Facebook feed. They seemed to be really worried about the price of gas..




Republicans Don't Deserve Democrats' Bipartisanship

A good rant from the Rude Pundit. Here's a piece but read it all.
"I've said it before and I'll say it again: Democrats should respond to any question about bipartisanship or compromise with Republicans with "When Republicans say that Joe Biden was fairly elected and that there was no widespread or coordinated election fraud or illegal voting, we can talk about bipartisanship." Make it a precondition for everything. The national GOP and all the state GOPs all have to say it. They have to say it's a motherfucking fact. They have to admit they've been fucking lying. They have to say that Donald Trump is fucking lying."  


Capitalist Paradise

Well, if you want to live in a capitalist paradise you're going to have to put up with the capitalists telling you what to do. 


Matt Gaetz

Some weird shit in the news about  Matt Gaetz this week but this ain't his first weird-shit rodeo, read through his Wikipedia entry

How the fuck can someone with that baggage be a member of Congress?

Making Fun of Fox

A good one from the Daily Show


Truck Prices

Not a great time to have to buy a used truck.  (Found at Wolf Street)

Cheaters never Prosper?

Yeah. This guy made $7,000.

Cheating Controversy Results In Most-Watched Chess Stream In History

"Chess.com estimated his performance in these three match games at an Elo of 1127. His online performance rating exceeded 3000 Elo, the highest performance Chess.com's Fair Play system calculates for human games. Despite the poor showing, he still made roughly $7,000 while Sukandar earned about $14,000."



Big Dollar Jesus

WP: Preachers and their $5,000 sneakers: Why one man started an Instagram account showing churches’ wealth

"On his feed, Kirby has showcased Seattle pastor Judah Smith’s $3,600 Gucci jacket, Dallas pastor T.D. Jakes’s $1,250 Louboutin fanny pack and Miami pastor Guillermo Maldonado’s $2,541 Ricci crocodile belt. And he considers Paula White, President Donald Trump’s most trusted pastoral adviser who is often photographed in designer items, a PreachersNSneakers “content goldmine,” posting a photo of her wearing $785 Stella McCartney sneakers."