Net Neutrality

For those of you that listened to Bill Cunningham and Brian Anderson discuss Net Neutrality on WLW on December 22, 2010. Here is a very simple diagram that explains what "Net Neutrality" is really about.

The Open Internet

Basically, if the internet is left neutral or open, an ISP must allow access to all of the internet thru your ISP connection BUT,.. if we allow corporations to defeat Net Neutrality then the ISP will become like the cable company, charging you for each piece of the internet just like cable tv packages of today. YouTube might be 20$ a month, Facebook 10$, The Blogger Channel another 5$, a News and Weather package 10$, etc. The ISP and Big Media corporations will carve up the Internet, charge you for each portion you receive and have complete control over what is available. You'll pay more and you'll never see another Wikileaks.

Cunninngham and Anderson support the "Cable TV - Big Media" model but did want to admit that so they turned it into a "fairness doctrine" tirade that really made no sense. They were feeding their listeners a bunch of crap to support the very people that are the most dangerous to a free, open internet. The show was corporate propaganda at its finest.

I've said for years that it won't be government that kills the freedom of the Internet in America, it will be capitalism/greed.


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