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Wikileaks today...

Glenn Greenwald and Matt Welch discuss Wikileaks

From Haaretz: Wikileaks - Quote below.

Andre Rickardsson, an expert on file-sharing and information technology security at Sweden's Bitsec Consulting, said "domain name providers normally don't drop their clients unless the clients themselves have breached their user contract. WikiLeaks is not behind the disturbance here, but individuals trying to disturb WikiLeaks' operations." he said.

Rickardsson said he had never experienced a user being shut off under similar circumstances.

"I don't believe for a second that this has been done by EveryDNS themselves. I think they've been under pressure," he said referring to U.S. authorities.

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More at Mondoweiss: Wikileaks

Just trying to do my part to spead the word,... since the US sources are basically worthless.


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