Wikileaks - Updates

The Wikileaks story continues to evolve. Early in the current round of Wikileaks dumps, Israel was basically happy about the leaks as there were no bad-Israel cables and there were several cables showing Arab states were also worried about Iran. There were rumors Israel had stuck a deal with Assange to withold any cables that were would show Israel in a bad light.

Here are a few of the "Israel sees Wikileaks as a good thing" posts.

Turkey says Israel behind Wikileaks

Wikileaks Makes it clear everybody hates Iran

Netanyahu: Wikileaks revelations were good for Israel

Here's a Wikileaks-Israeli-deal post.

Bloggers Claim Wikileaks struck a deal with Israel

This all changed in the last couple of days. There have now been rumors that cables which show Israel in a bad way are coming.

wikileaks to publish israel cables on second lebanon war and dubai assassination

There has also been a change in the attacks on Wikileaks.

Assange's Extremist employees

Holocaust- denying creep works for Wikileaks

Wikileaks jew hating staff

It sure didn't take long for the Anti-Semitism label to come out.


On another note, here is a good interview with Assange. He seems tired and scared but doen't come accross as an evil villian.

An Interview with Julian Assange.


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