Scottish Independence

Some fun with the Scottish Independence here: Karl reMarks: We Give the Scottish Independence Referendum the Middle East Expert Treatment:

Some concern about how it may affect Italy here:  London School of Economics and Political Science

When will we see a similar article on Texas, California, the Pacific coast states, or the Mega-cities of the eastern US?

Maybe we are in the early stages of the decline of nation states. [see FTAlphaville: Disrupting the nation state]. The corporations who rule us span the national borders and don't really need the idea of a nation. A German multinational has legal and commercial needs that are more in common with a US multinational than with the German people. A world organized more around city-states, or mega-city states might work better for our corporate overlords.

Maybe organized around a few of the brighter groups in this NASA image. Our future could have HollywoodLand around LA, TheSiliconValley, TheGreatNorthwest, RockyMountainHigh around Denver, BostonToDCInvestmentBankerville, OldPeopleville of Gulf-Coast Florida, etc.

composite view of continental United States showing Suomi NPP observations of nighttime illumination

Or, on a larger scale, around these.

composite world map showing Suomi NPP observations of nighttime illumination

Or maybe just,,,, Brights vs Darks.

Anyway, on a corporate dominated globe there aren't many reasons for our current borders.


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