Barbaric Muslims

Our media sucks. They remind me of the cheerleaders and football meat-heads of high school during a pep rally. Rah.Rah. Rah... War! Fucking war! Beat those bastards.. etc..

Read and watch this...Hullabaloo:

This is ridiculous.
"The Muslim world is responsible for a really big part of religious extremism right now," Cuomo continued. "And they are unusually violent. They're unusually barbaric in the places where it is happening."
Yes there are Muslims that are extreme but have you talked to an American evangelical or an Israeli far-right Jew? There's a lot of fucking crazy religion out there.

As far as violence goes, they've cut off a few western heads which is pretty damned ugly but they don't really have any drones or other high-tech military crap to fight with. They don't have a state-sponsored media to spread their propaganda. They are fighting with the tools and methods they have.

Hell, moderate Christians,...think about that,... moderate, Christians have invaded their countries, killed their people, destroyed their lives and are still lobbing missiles at them on a regular basis. Jews invaded their land years ago and are still killing them and stealing their land. Imagine what would happen if our radical Christian groups or Israel's far-far right ever managed to take control?! The Muslim countries in the middle east would be radio-active wastelands.



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