Big cities and the economy

Big cities are dominating the recovery, leaving the rest of America behind - The Washington Post:

Here in Teabagistan, that part of Indiana between Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, Cincinnati, Ohio and, Dayton, Ohio, This is easy to see. The smaller, rust belt towns are dead or dying while the big-city economies seem to be going pretty well.

I guess this is a replay of the industrial age when people moved from the farms to the cities to work in the factories except today it's the young and educated moving from smaller, ex-manufacturing towns to the mega-cities to work in technology. Progress? Maybe but it sure does leave a lot of old, uneducated poor people around small-town Indiana.

I remember a lot of techie types thinking that the Internet would allow us to live anywhere and still be part of that critical mass that spurs development and growth but it doesn't look like that's playing out.

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