Culture vs Dishonest Behavior

Business culture in banking industry favors dishonest behavior:
 Their results show that bank employees are in principle not more dishonest than their colleagues in other industries. The findings indicate, however, that the business culture in the banking sector implicitly favors dishonest behavior.
Hell,.. this is true of most of American culture, business or otherwise. Everywhere I look i see dishonest behavior.

The news media is mostly full-on propaganda. Always reporting from a pro-US, Pro-Israel, Western, US-Capitalism, Christian point of view. Dissenting views are not allowed. And that's the liberal media, The right has taken it to new levels with talk radio and the Fox News Propaganda Network. I think most of the Fox crowd don't even believe their BS, they're are in it just to make a buck.

Politicians and the parties are dishonest as hell from continual lies about each other, to corruption and cronyism. Black Kenyan Muslim! Benghazi! Coming for you guns! Sarah Palin? George Soros! Voter Fraud! Koch Brothers? Electronic Voting Fraud! Purging voter roles! Racism! Both Parties are terrible liars though I think the R's have taken it to never-before-seen levels over the last few years.

Our businesses aren't much better. Who trusts big Finance or Big energy to "do the right thing"? Hedge funds regularly destroy companies or even governments to make a profit. Manufacturers lie to us in their advertising about their products. Food joints feed us crappy, unhealthy stuff while advertising how great their crap is. What the hell happened to Truth-in-advertising?

Were Realtors and mortgage brokers honest during the housing bubble? How many people and companies did they stick with crappy houses or bogus loans? Car Dealers? DirectTV billing/rate practices are dishonest as hell. Comcast?

We really need to just own-up and admit that the US capitalist culture has deteriorated to the point that you really can't trust anyone. If they can make a buck on it, they will lie to you about it. Most Americans and American businesses would sell their mother a used-taxi, represented as a one-owner, cream-puff if they thought it would make them a dollar.

Yeah,.. I guess I've become that grumpy old man.


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