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I don't really have a problem with gun ownership but I do think there should be limits. We don't need military equipment, some people shouldn't be allowed to buy them, all should be registered, and if something bad happens with a gun you sold or purchased, well then,,.. you should be held responsible (buy some gun accident insurance if you like) but that's not why i linked to this.

I was wrong about the Second Amendment: Why my view of guns totally changed - Salon.com:

This is the reason for this post.
The merit of a position can be gauged by the temperament of its supporters, and these days the NRA reminds me of the folks who packed the courtroom of the Scopes monkey trial, fighting to preserve a worldview no thoughtful person espoused. This worship of guns grows more ridiculous, more difficult to sustain, and they know it, hence their theatrics,... 
Replace "the NRA" with "Fox News", "Talk radio hosts", or  "Republicans" and replace "worship of Guns" with "Hatred of Obama" and you have a good explanation of the failure of the Obama era.

Back to guns,,,, I like the idea of having gun-accident insurance. I have to buy it to protect me for hurting people or property with my car or hurting people on my property. Why shouldn't I have to have it for my guns? Government may not be able to regulate guns but what about free-market regulation? I'd guess the insurance industry would love it.

While we're at it lets take insurance out of Health-care let the government run and regulate it.


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