Bush vs Clinton?

If Jeb Bush Is In, Who Will Win Wall Street's Money? | Informed Comment:

easy,....The candidate seen as most likely to win.

Corporate cash doesn't just go to the candidate because of their political stance, big chunks go to the candidate the corporate interest, or lobby group, thinks is going to win. Once a candidate looks like they have the race sewn-up the corporate backers pile the cash on so they have a voice at the victor's table.

I think this might be why we saw so many skewed polls in 2012. They R's had to make the race look close or the corporate cash would have been cut-off early and shoveled to the D's for future favors. Skewing the polls kept the cash rolling in a little longer.

Another reason for the skewed polls,... American voters like to be on the winning side. If the poles showed that Romney was going to be trounced, as he was, many potential Romney voters would have just stayed home making the loss appear even worse. The host of bogus conservative polls showing Romney close or even leading were produced to keep up the appearance of a chance of victory to get the Fox News viewers to vote.

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