The War On Christmas Is Over.

Relax, The War On Christmas Is Over. Christmas Won, Again | Crooks and Liars:
Meanwhile, the real Grinches stealing Christmas (and Thanksgiving) go merrily along fueled by their Christmas profits. For two months, America is consumed by shopping and shopping and more shopping. And just to be sure that not a penny was missed, December 26th ushers in the After Christmas shopping.

Let’s be honest: any relationship between our Christmas gift-o-rama and the birth of Jesus is strictly coincidental.

But, never mind all of that. Next December we’ll be treated to another battle in the endless fight to protect our favorite holiday. Once again, you will be able to tell that the forces of evil are winning. Just listen to the nasty store clerk shouting the Christmas-killers’ battle cry. “Happy Holidays.”

Agreed.  The real war on Christmas was won by the US's retail establishment who've convinced several generations of Americans that the "real Christmas" is about shopping and spending. Shop.. shop... shop.. spend.. spend... spend..  Ho-Fucking-Ho!

Fuck the War-On-Christmas crowd. They're grifters who see Christmas as a chance to make a buck.

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