This is pointed at Trump but really describes Fox News and the current crop of conservative wacko's.
 .. (Trump) uses many of the fascist’s tools: a contempt for facts, spreading a pervasive sense of fear and overwhelming crisis, portraying his backers as victims, assigning blame to foreign or alien actors and suggesting only his powerful personality can transcend the crisis. He endorsed the violence done to a dissenter at one of his rallies, and he now floats the idea of making entry to the United States contingent on religion.
Found Here: Balkinization: The only relevant question at the next debate:
Linked from here: Donald Trump. America's modern Mussolini
Think of Fox, Rush, or your favorite Tea-bagger.

  • Contempt for facts.     Check.  
  • Spreading a pervasive sense of fear and overwhelming crisis.     Check.
  • Portraying backers as victims.     Check.
  • Assigning blame to foreign or alien (or Liberal) actors.     Check.
  • Suggesting only his powerful personality (or in the Fox-Tebagger world "Taking back our America") can transcend the crisis.     Check.
There's your roots of Fascism, right here in the good ol' USA.

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