Moral Panic: Who Benefits From Public Fear?

Moral Panic: Who Benefits From Public Fear? | Psychology Today:

Those in power on the right benefit from.. liberals, muslims, george soros, the liberal media, the clintons, the Obamas, brown people, black people,  foreign people, the anti-gun crowd, the federal government, the alternative energy crowd, the global warming crowd, the War on Xmas, the confederate flag haters, the welfare bums, pro-abortion crowd, socialists

The powerful on the left benefit from,... conservatives, evangelicals, gun nuts, the Koch bros, Fox News, talk radio, Tea-baggers, racists, big business, oil companies, the confederate flag, corporate welfare bums, the defense industry, pro-life crowd, socialists

Those in power in America.. terrorism, dope smokers, illegal drugs, people who drink and drive (not drunk drivers), cigarette smokers, atheists, socialists, gangs...  

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