San Bernardino

So one of the San Bernardino shooters planned an attack in 2011 and he mentioned being "disgruntled with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

Radicalized before ISIS even existed and didn't hate us for our freedoms? Wow.

San Bernardino Shooter and Friend Planned 'Rush Hour' Traffic Attack In 2011 | VICE News:

The criminal complaint also said that in 2009 Farook expressed interest in enlisting in the US military. Farook told Marquez he was "disgruntled with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and voiced concern over 'non-contentious objectors'" and "disdain towards Muslims in the US military who killed other Muslims." 
Anderson's affidavit said that Marquez purchased firearms, ammunition and tactical gear from sporting goods stores for the planned 2011 terrorist attack. He and Farook also went to gun ranges in Riverside and Los Angeles. 
"In late 2011 and 2012 … Marquez identified himself as the actual buyer of the two rifles at the time of the purchase," Anderson's affidavit said. "Marquez, however, bought the rifles for Farook as a part of their plans to attack RCC and SR-91." 
Additionally, Marquez bought explosives, specifically, "a bottle of smokeless powder for the purpose of making explosives with Farook for a future attack." 
"In or around 2012, after purchasing the firearms and explosive materials, Marquez and Farook continued to prepare to carry out their terrorist plots," the criminal complaint said.

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