Why they hate us.

Haaretz Investigation: U.S. Donors Gave Settlements More Than $220 Million in Tax-exempt Funds Over Five Years - Settlement Dollars - Haaretz - Israeli News Source Haaretz.com:
Registered non-profit groups are lavishly funding with tax-deductible U.S. dollars the same West Bank settlements the Obama administration considers obstacles to peace
They hate us for our freedoms?  yeah...

They hate us because, we support and fund Israel's theft of Palestinian land, support corrupt regimes (Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia), topple or meddle with existing governments (Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, and Iran), occasionally bomb the hell out of governments, people, infrastructure, hospitals, weddings, and funerals. Why wouldn't they hate us.

A better path to ending Islamic terrorism would be to end all US involvement in the middle east. Stop the flow of money, arms, and influence to all of them, Israel included.

Let them sort it out.

Spend our money at home.

Fuck the War party.

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