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The 'burbs could get costly.   Deferred in the ‘Burbs | Mike the Mad Biologist:

Grifters everywhere!
     Democrat Grifters
     Republican Grifters

The comments in these are good.
     US Spying on Israel and its congressmen
     US Spying on Israel and its congressmen - 2

Taibbi: In the Year of Trump, the Joke Was On Us

Two good posts from Stumbling and Mumbling
     Irving Berlin on Taxes
     Stalin's Trick

Lock'em up      “The reality is, we are a very affluent country, we have loose borders, and we have a bad education system, and all that adds up to a significant amount of correctional needs, which, thankfully, we’ve been able to help the country out with and states with by providing a lower cost solution.”       says Shayn March, a vice president at private prison firm Geo Group.      yeeaah.

New Republic: Democrats, Beware: Billionaires Can Still Buy Elections Very Easily       Money buys politicians. D or R the pol is owned and working for someone who generally favors the wealthy, corporate elite over the common folk.

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