Breaking Our system

Unprecedented by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly:

When the people have spoken and elected someone to lead this country - but they are thwarted in carrying out their Constitutional duties to do so by attempts from the opposing Party to undermine them - it is not merely an affront to that leader. It is a challenge to all of us who participated in that electoral process. And it eats away at our confidence is doing so going forward. It is also a recipe for chaos. 
Our democracy is not based on all of us agreeing with each other. The founders gave us a process for voicing those disagreements and doing the hard work of taking care of the country’s business in the midst of them. These unprecedented actions by the Republicans to undermine and delegitimize one of the three branches of our government place their side of the argument above those processes and thereby pose a threat to its very survival. 
It is not up to President Obama to challenge this threat alone. As citizens, we need to recognize what is happening and use our voices to call it out…be that via words or ultimately in the voting booth.

Yep.... we, the people, need to throw the bastards out.

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