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GG on electability:

With Donald Trump Looming, Should Dems Take a Huge Electability Gamble by Nominating Hillary Clinton?:

The D's do have a problem.

Hillary has soooooo much baggage. The Wall St connection, email scandal, trust issues, and general phony-ness are hurting her now but once she's the nominee LOOK OUT,..., The Wall St issue will probably fade but the email scandal will explode, Benghazi, Vince Foster, the Whitewater Scandal, the cattle futures scam, and Bill's past will come back around. The R's and Fox Propaganda will have a new scandal headline every day. The R's in congress will hold more Benghazi hearings, maybe investigate the email thing again, maybe dig something else up.  She'll be under investigation the entire campaign.

I just don't see masses of the American people pulling the lever for an already untrustworthy, phony candidate who's in the middle of a multiple corruption scandals, real or imagined. The roaring economy of the Clinton days is too far in the past. Her only hope will be Wall St, The US Media and Israel.

Sanders has an electability issue too. the Socialism tag may not scare the young people but it scares the hell out of the R base and a lot of old D's. The R's and Fox Propaganda will have a new Socialist, Communist, or Age/health headline every day.

So,... either could lose but I think it will depend on the match-up and how the media and the behind-the-scenes money goes.

TNB Predictions...

Hillary vs Trump - the money and the media get behind Hillary and she wins a close one, scandals and all. We know the big money is behind her. The big Corporate elite would be more likely to get behind her than the mouthy, racist-sounding, loose-cannon Trump, who may piss off large groups of Corporate customers around the world. They know what they have with Hillary. The media, while not overly-friendly, still like her more than Trump. Hillary is in the Club while Trump still mostly an outside except for the Fox News crowd. So Hillary wins a close one, even though many D's (including me) set this one out or vote Green.

Sanders vs Trump - The Socialist thing scares the hell out of the money and the media so they'll side with Trump. He is closer to them than Sanders is. I think it's too much think that one, over 70, semi-socialist can change Americans minds on big government at this point so I think Trump has a better chance against Bernie. Still, a close race that could go either way.

Bernies best chance,... stay on message....hammer on the corporate elite, and ....after beating Hillary,...  come out as pro-gun to take some of NRA pressure out of the picture. We need socialized medicine at this point more than we need to lose an election over gun control and a lot of old-school Union D's now vote R because they loves-them-Guns.

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