Scalia's Replacement

How the politics of the next nomination will play out : SCOTUSblog:

It ain't gonna be pretty......

It probably benefits Hillary in the D's nomination process. Bernie is so focused on economics, inequality, and the oligarchy this country has become that anything the diverts attention from that, like Scalia's replacement or Middle  East wars, helps Hillary.

Overall, I think the best plan for the D's is along the lines presented here. Obama should appoint a younger, moderate, minority D and keep the pressure on the R's to act. Moderate is the key to keeping the media on the D side. Minority is the key to getting D voters behind the party.

If the Rs don't act, or just stall, they look more and more like the obstructionists they are which give the D's an edge for the swing-voters in the election.  If they do approve, well, the court is moved to the left.

A true R nightmare. They prevent Obama from seating someone but Hillary wins the election and appoints Obama to replace Scalia. R heads explode.

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