Elderly Americans not working enough

Elderly Americans not working enough - Business Insider:
“Due to welcome gains in life expectancy and other health improvements, older Americans can work more, and this should be considered when crafting reform proposals.”"
That seems stupid.

Why don't we consider these when crafting reform proposals.

  • When older Americans stay in the workforce longer, they compete with young Americans for jobs. That increased supply of labor helps keep wages depressed, affecting everyone's ability to earn a good wage (especially young people since old people tend to have the better jobs). 
  • Old people staying in good jobs keeps young people out of those good jobs. 
  • Old people staying in crappy jobs to survive is, well, somewhat degrading. Think about that old lady in a McDonald's uniform.
  • Income inequality is increasing in the US, the Top 10% have plenty.
With those in mind I call for
  • Increasing income tax rates taxes on the top earners
  • Removing the Social Security Tax's income limit. 
Take that money and reward our elderly for their years of service by
  • lowering the Retirement age to 55
  • lowering the Medicare age to 55 (or just give Medicare to everyone. Go Bernie!!)
which would open up jobs, generally those at the top of the job food chain, for our younger people to move into, giving a boost to American families.

Everyone's better off !


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