FBI cracks *that* iPhone

FBI cracks *that* iPhone – Naked Security:

What we don’t know, and the FBI isn’t saying, is exactly what was retrieved, or how.
  • Perhaps the passcode was 0000 or 2580, and the FBI got lucky?
  • Perhaps the lock-out limit on guessing wasn’t turned on and so the FBI had thousands of tries, not just 10?
  • Perhaps the iPhone had enough unencrypted data left in RAM (rather than encrypted in flash storage) to help the investigation, or to leak the passcode?
  • Perhaps the FBI had a way of re-writing the iPhone’s RAM and flash storage to allow 10 guesses over and over again, albeit slowly?
  • Perhaps the FBI purchased an existing zero-day vulnerability in iOS to allow it to bypass security through an unintentional backdoor?
  • Perhaps the FBI recovered the passcode via some smart image processing, using fingerprint grease stains on the screen to infer the digits that had been used?

or,... Perhaps Apple cooperated with the FBI but a deal was made to make it look like Apple stood their ground.

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