Trump Protesters

I'm against protesters breaking up political events. They should be allowed to stand outside with signs and chant but should not be allowed to disrupt a meeting. If we're going to have political freedom, every group must have the ability to have its events.

That said,... Sarah. Palin is still a fucking idiot and isn't helping by calling out the Trump protesters.

Sarah Palin Unhinged: Calls Trump Protesters 'Petty Punk Ass Thuggery' | Crooks and Liars:

I wonder if any right wingers remember those Petty Punk Ass Tea-Bagger Thugs who broke up the Health care town halls a few years ago.

Beyond Beltway, Health Debate Turns Hostile
“Become a part of the mob!” said a banner posted Friday on the Web site of the talk show host Sean Hannity. “Attend an Obama Care Townhall near you!” The exhortations do not advocate violence, but some urge opponents to be disruptive.
I don't think I've ever heard the so-called liberal, main-stream, media make a call like this to the Left-wingers.

Anyway, fuck Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin, they're just grifters playing on the people, but let the Tumpies have their rallies uncontested. Record them and report them but let them happen. Otherwise, the whole damned system may crash-and-burn.

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