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Wonkette has a great Bill O post here:

Bill O’Reilly So Sad No One Will Talk About The Murderous Blacks | Wonkette:

"The thing that hurts O’Reilly the most though? It is the liberal media’s absolute refusal to talk about how violent and murderous the blacks are. Oh, how beautiful life would be if only Bill O’Reilly could turn his tee-vee on and hear the nightly “How Are Black People Failing Us Today?” report. But NO, they cover allllllll of that up, so when Bill O’Reilly comes in with his NO SPIN ZONE talk about black people, like how they are violent criminals who refuse to pull their pants up even though he has repeatedly stated that he does not care for that look, everyone thinks he is a racist. Even though he is just being totally objective. Because, again, it is the NO SPIN ZONE, so all of his opinions are actually facts. Them’s the rules of the NO SPIN ZONE!"

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