HRC? The D's are screwing up.

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The D's are splitting for the same reason the R's have split and now have Trump.

The people are tired of government that doesn't work for them. The two parties have absolute control over a government that works for elite-corporate interests but not for the people. The people are voting against that this time. They've thrown out the R party candidates and chosen Trump. They are making HRC's coronation difficult and may yet throw her out. It is an anti-establishment year.

If it comes down to an HRC vs Trump general election, HRC is in trouble. She's the establishment candidate in an election filled with anti-establishment rage.

And, she's a crappy candidate anyway as noted in the link above
Right now, the Democratic Party is on the verge of nominating a candidate who would be the least popular presidential nominee since David Duke if not for her rival on the Republican side. It is about to run a candidate who, despite claims to the contrary, is currently being investigated by the FBI, and who, by all rights, would be at home as a Republican if not for some social issues. In a year of outsider insurgency, Democrats are about to rally behind the candidate who most exemplifies the political establishment, save for the fact that Hillary Clinton is not a white man. They’re about to stake the future on someone most people associate with the word “dishonest,” and who polls show is the weaker candidate; someone who is almost certain to lose her reelection bid in 2020 — a Census year in which down-ballot voting is essential if the Democrats want a chance to retake the House of Representatives before 2031. The establishment of the party has seemingly done all it can to guarantee this outcome.

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