What is Justin Fox Smoking?

A good post here but to lump Sanders in with Trump and Cruz and quote this (emphasis by tnb) is pretty out there (actually "fucking ridiculous" is probably a better description).
In the paper, Wallach traces the intellectual history of what he calls “the technocratic administrative state,” which has been subject to many challenges through the decades but seldom quite the outright dismissiveness that he says is being preached by three of the remaining major candidates for president (Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump). Wallach offers a few suggestions for upgrading the accountability of government agencies, which seem pretty sensible. But I’m not quite sure how we get away from the fantasy -- espoused by Cruz, if not so much Sanders and Trump -- that doing away with big government will somehow fix everything.
Learning to Love (Tolerate?) Big Government - Bloomberg View:

Sanders is fine with "Big Government", (how much bigger can you get than free college and Medicare for all?)  He just wants it to work for the people instead of the corporate elite.

Honestly, Trump and Cruz are probably ok with big government too, as long as it's only big for "their" people.

And,... The line above is actually Mr. Fox quoting someone else but it shouldn't be in the post.


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