Indiana Supports Israel

Here's a new law about to take affect in Indiana.
Divestment from firms boycotting Israel 
The state is pulling tens of millions of dollars in retirement investments out of companies that are seeking to inflict economic harm on Israel.
The law targets businesses engaged in the boycott, divestment and sanctions, or BDS, campaign. BDS is an international movement aimed at ending Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, in part by penalizing the nation’s economy.
The law will require the state to divest an estimated $50 million in retirement money, a small fraction of the state's $3.1 billion retirement portfolio.

So Indiana is trying to inflict economic harm on companies who are trying to inflict economic harm on Israel. Indiana is fighting for a country that does stuff like this.

Israel Steals more land from the Palestinians

Israel Steals Water from Paletinians

Israel operating Gaza as an open air prison

Lovely state you have there Mr Pence.

BDS groups should stop doing business with Indiana.

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