Lesser of two evils.

Hillary Clinton is not lesser of two "evils" (Opinion) - CNN.com:

I guess that depends on how you define evil.

Trump is more racist and thuggish for sure,.... but HRC

  • has promoted multiple wars that have killed many brown, non-christian people. 
  • Help the US's financial war machine overthrow governments leading to chaos for the people.
  • Supports the Israeli right-wing government's oppression of the Palestinians which has killed many, keeps many in an open air prison in Gaza, and continues to steal land and water in the West Bank. 
  • She is the leading candidate of the American Elite who over the last 35 years have consistently put in place policies that moved wealth and stability away from lower classes around the world.
So yeah, Trump is evil but given the above, HRC is either incompetent, bought and paid for, or evil. 

Regardless, I voting as far left as my ballot will allow.

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