One Party Doesn’t Care About Governing?

I agree with most of this.

Must-Read: Nancy LeTourneau: What Happens When One Party Doesn’t Care About Governing? - Equitable Growth:

R's win by making government look bad so D's shouldn't retaliate but the D's problem is deeper than that, government has to work for the people and it doesn't.
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The old conventional wisdom was that playing that game was productive and fun. You see, members of the Senate and the House. Thus, and so the two houses–everybody in them–shared the goal of trying to arrange things so that they each looked good to their local constituents. "
The "Looking good to local constituents" has been lost. Both parties care more about looking good to corporate constituents and the donor class than to their local constituents. Doing that makes government look bad to the people too, so favors R's in general and makes a lot voters angry.

It is splitting both parties. HRC, Jeb, Marco had the support of the corporate constituents and the donor class who basically have government working for them while Bernie and Trump drew the vote of people who government doesn't really work for anymore, the local constituents.

It's hard to see how the D's will make any progress unless they move toward a Bernie-like platform that favors the working class over the donor class. If they don't,  I'd expect that in the next few years an outsider will split the D's like Trump split the R's.

People are always calling for a third party but we're on the road to a four party system.

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