Notes From the Democratic Convention

A fun read here: Night of the Hollow Men: Notes From the Democratic Convention:

Introducing Michael Bloomberg to present the Bililionaire Seal of Approval to Ms. Hillary Clinton! 
Bloomberg: “We don’t need a bomb thrower as president.” Apparently, we need another drone launcher, instead! 
Leave it to Bloomberg to give the most coherent indictment of Trump. There’s no hate quite as pure as that between rival billionaires. 
Obama may have been impotent to stop the killing of the kids at Newtown or the church members in Charleston. But he had complete authority to stop the killing of children, doctors, nurses, and wedding parties in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan killed by his drone strikes.
 Obama could sell Trump Steaks to a vegan.
and to finish
Barack Obama possesses so many scintillating skills, perhaps more skills than any other political figure of the modern era. Yet he put those magical gifts to such meagre, timid and often brutal uses. What a waste. 
His is the tragedy of a squandered presidency.

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