I've probably logged close to 1000 miles in the little towns and back roads of  eastern Indiana-western Ohio in the last month and bet I've seen close to 500 Trump signs.

The only sign I've seen with Hillary's name said "Hillary for Prison".

This is the heart of TeaBagistan so Trump would be expected to win the area but the lack of even one HRC sign amazes me. There were lots of Obama signs the last two times.

She is a crappy candidate but not even one sign?

The Trump supporters around here tend toward the redneck-gun nut type so maybe the people who will vote for her are scared to show their support publicly? Sort of a Bradley effect? Or NRA-inspired voter suppression?

Maybe people just don't like her. It'll be interesting to see the write-in count for Bernie or Jill Stein.

Anyway, at this point it sure looks like a Trump landslide in the rural Midwest.

Atrios sees the same thing in PA. Eschaton: Anecdote!:

The D establishment may have made a fuck-up for the ages.


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