Mish on Obamacare

Mish channels a Fox News talking head.

Record 29% Say Obamacare Hurt Their Finances; Overall Only 44% Positive on ACA | MishTalk:

I think the ACA is a crappy plan, I'm a Medicare for all guy and I usually like Mish but this is a pretty one-sided post.

44% are positive on the ACA? Who cares what a poll shows.  On the whole, Americans are pretty stupid out big picture stuff. This 44% is probably the D's who'll like it because it's a D plan. Another 44% are R's who hate it because it's a D plan or don't know anything about it but hate it because Fox News, or Rush, or Drudge, or Hannity, or O'Rielly tells them to. The remaining 12% don't like it because we want Medicare for all.  Hell, something like 44% of voters think Trump can make America great again and 45% think HRC should be our next president. If the country was run by polls we'd live in Idiocracy

29% say it hurt their family? Maybe but I doubt that it really hurt that many directly. I'd guess most think it did because they've heard Fox News hammer on it for several years now.

Even though it may have really hurt a few people it has helped some and even those hurt they could eventually be helped by it, i.e. they could lose insurance through their employer, or eventually bump into a lifetime cap or pre-existing condition restriction that were eliminated by the ACA, so who the fuck cares what the survey says.

Then Mish says,.....
51 percent claim Obamcare has had “no effect” on them. 
Actually, it has, but in ways that are unseen. Corporations have to pass on costs. And costs have risen. Prices have risen because of Obamacare.
Heath care costs have been rising like crazy my entire 55 year life and the costs have been passed on to users forever. Health care inflation, though rising, is still lower since the ACA than it's been since the late 60's .

Bad post Mish.... Calm down a little.

still,...A better plan would be to scrap the ACA and just give Medicare to everyone.  Fuck the insurance companies.

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