Living with Trump

Good discussion at Balkinization on the D's not accepting the outcome of the election. The post is a D freak-out with common sense prevailing in the comments, including this
The reality is, if you believe in democratic values, the fundamental value is you don't mess around with election results. Much, much more fundamental than "majoritarianism" or "Trump is a uniquely bad candidate" or anything else. You hold the election, you don't like the result, and you accept it. Period. Non-negotiable.
I agree. We have to live with the results. I think Trump will be a disaster but mostly because he's showing full R tendencies at the moment but three other things scare me more than a Trump regime.

1. If Trump really sells out to the establishment R's (like he's done so far), his supporters are really going to be pissed and the next candidate to harness that anger might not be as "establishment" as Trump.

2.  The D's hammered on the "stolen" 2000 election, Hinted at a stolen Ohio in 2004. The R's never accepted Obama from either of his wins and talk continually of voter fraud, Now the D's are hammering on the electors and, in the last day or two, hinting at recounts. That's damned-near 20 years of both side complaining about a broken, corrupt system. The parties talk it it and, based on this election, the people believe it. They are losing faith and don't trust in the system. At some point, there will be no reason to believe a vote will help so we may start voting with bullets. That would not be good.

Anyway, let the voters see what a few years of full-throttle, R-led, free-market, grab-all-you-can, American corrupitalism can do to them. Maybe a progressive party will have a chance in a few years

oh, I guess there are 3 things that scare me.

 3.  Mike Pence. There's nothing that a bible-banger can't make worse. Imagine, full-throttle, R-led, free-market, grab-all-you-can, American corrupitalism with full-throttle Evangelicalism added to the mix. It would be like living in a Taliban owned Walmart.


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