Workers Don’t Need Trump to Give Them a Voice. They Need Unions
Unions—more than any other organization—give people a real say in the economy and in politics. They help raise wages, reduce inequality, and boost economic mobility. But even more importantly, unions help people feel their own agency. They provide workers—particularly those with less education and lower incomes—with the means and opportunity to stand up for themselves and participate more fully in our democracy. Union members are much more likely to vote, take political action, join other groups, and be more charitable.
Unions serve as an alternative source of power that workers control—not the government, and not the wealthy. That’s why they’re one of the first things that authoritarian leaders go after.
I've never understood why the recent American idea of free markets never included the idea of the workers being free to form strong unions? I mean,... if businesses are freed of government restrictions shouldn't the worker be free to unionize?

The best thing that could happen in the US right now is to unionize all corporate big-box stores and food joints who's workers make up the vast majority of todays working poor. Unionization of these would give higher wages, better insurance coverage, and overall better life to millions without the big bad government getting involved.

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