Noahpinion: Handing the baton to the next hyper power:
Does this mean that the Chinese people despise the U.S.? No, they do not. They mostly like us. But the Chinese government, which holds the power and decides on geopolitical strategy, is implacably opposed to the United States.
Still, the Chinese people, especially the young, have become capitalists. They are much closer to American youth than they are to the Communist youth of the recent past. As they age an move into power, the old communist regime will crumble and more capitalist-like regime will emerge. US policy has planted the seed that will make China the next Hyper power but it will also destroy the communist regime. It's just a matter of time.

(Well, assuming the capitalists don't just hog all the wealth, let the poor starve, and sew the seeds of revolution but that's another story.)

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