Russia? Really.....

Juan Cole gets it right here. No, America, it wasn’t Russia: You did it to Yourself

It wasn't Russia's fault.

Years of crappy, rich-guy, corporation-first leadership from both sides left the voters pissed.

HRC was a crappy establishment candidate. Years of Fox News and Right-wing radio had killed her chances but the D's could see that.

I think fake news did create sort of a bubble of belief that HRC was worse than she really was. Incompetent yes... but corrupt? Probably not really as corrupt as Trump himself but years of Fox News and right-wing radio had planted the seed. The fake news was easy to believe.

Russia? A convenient excuse.

The people basically elected Trump as that "Third Party" businessman they've screamed for for years. He destroyed the R's first, then the D's.

Too bad it looks like he's going to govern as a Tea-Party R.

also, Glenn Greenwald on the Russia did it claim

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