Everything cost HRC the election. Yep...

The Russian thing is interesting though. The last two elections saw the R's hammer on Obama because he wasn't tough enough handle Putin and the Russian menace. Now, just four years later, the R's think Putin is just peachy and the D's hate him. WTF?

My guess,..

Russia has been a great foe since WW2. An evil empire that could always be drug out to bash a dirty hippie, D, or anyone wanting to cut the military budget but since 9-11 most Americans see Islam and the brown bearded terrorists of the Middle East as our main enemy.

The Parties were slow to recognize that middle America's enemy had changed completely so for the last few years have still pushed the Russians as a major threat (along with the brown bearded terrorists of the Middle East).

Trump went all-in on the Islamic threat as our main concern and Americans believed him and voted for him, (they were all getting their new from the same people,. Fox, Rush, Alex Jones, etc. so it makes sense)

The enemy had changed so HRC and the D's bitching about Russia just seemed wrong and out of touch with reality, you know,  with all these terrorists around.


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