Free Trade vs US Manufacturing Jobs

I think everyone agrees that free trade did cost the US some manufacturing jobs, not all of the lost jobs but a good portion. Technology and other factors played their parts too.

My issue is that no looks to see who is really responsible for the jobs leaving the US.

I mean... Trump is mad at China and Mexico for taking our jobs!? WTF?

I mean it's not like China or Mexico forced US manufacturers to move there. That BS didn't start over there. It was started right here in the good-old USA by god fearing Americans.

American business leaders made conscious decisions to move their factories to China and Mexico. No one held a gun to their head. American business leaders made those decisions. American Business leaders lobbied American politicians to make those free trade agreements.  They wanted more profits so sold out their employees and moved out of the country.

They chose profits over the good of their country.

Now they want you to believe that the Liberal free-traders did it and we should turn the reins of the country over to the same business leaders that sold us out in the first place.

Yeah... Trump and the R's are going to fix that.

Yes Folks, Trade Really Did Cost Manufacturing Jobs | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research:

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