The Empty Countryside

Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside | Russia | Al Jazeera: "Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside Rapid urbanisation and industrial farming has led to a catastrophic situation in Russia's poverty-stricken hinterlands."

Although rapid urbanisation and industrial farming depopulate rural areas from China to Canada, the situation in Russia is especially catastrophic. Almost 36,000 villages, or one-in-four, have 10 residents or fewer. Another 20,000 are abandoned, according to Russia's latest nationwide census conducted in 2010.
Fewer than one-quarter of Russians live in rural areas these days - three times fewer than 120 years ago, according to the only tsarist-era census done in 1897.

This has been happening in the US for over 100 years too and played a part in Mr Trumps support.

It is a bug feature of corporatism.

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