2:00PM Water Cooler 3/1/2017 | naked capitalism:

 "“If Obamacare Exits, Some May Need to Rethink Early Retirement” [New York Times]. “[J]ob lock [is] the need to maintain a job to get health insurance. … Though not all studies have found evidence of job lock in the pre-Obamacare era, a majority of high-quality studies have. That’s the conclusion of systematic reviews conducted by the Government Accountability Office and several health economists. Because people approaching retirement age are more prone to illness and high health care costs, employment-based insurance is particularly valuable to older workers — so much so that many studies document that it influences retirement decisions. One study found that workers whose employers offered retiree health benefits were 68 percent more likely to retire early than those who lack employer-based retiree coverage.”"

Come to my workplace and look around, 107 total employees, 20 at least, maybe 30 hanging on just for the insurance.

Universal health care would allow those people to retire and spend a little instead of saving every nickel and would open up a bunch of good jobs for those youngsters living in their parent's basements.

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