Republican Health Care Plan

A good short summary of the R's health care fiasco.

Washington Monthly | Anatomy of a Disaster: Trump Didn’t Care, and the GOP Didn’t Have a Plan:

The best point but you should read it all.
There are many liberal ways to solve the healthcare problem: universal programs in Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and elsewhere all have significant differences from one another in terms of funding mechanisms and level of private involvement. But there is only one “conservative” way to do it, and that’s the approach taken by Romneycare and Obamacare. Any other “conservative” solution isn’t a solution at all, but a nonsense, deceptive talking point designed to deceive those who don’t understand public policy. Selling insurance across state lines is a joke. Health savings accounts are an insult to the vast majority of Americans who can’t even save enough money for retirement or a college fund.

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