The State of the Union ......

I won’t go into all the machinations here because they’re changing by the hour. First Trump’s on board and then he’s not and then he’s back on. (He’s been saying for weeks that he would really prefer to let Obamacare fail —  sabotage it from the executive branch — and then blame the Democrats.) He does not want people to call this monstrosity “Trumpcare” but everyone is doing so anyway.

Ryan is holding televised PowerPoint presentations that would be equally incomprehensible but more entertaining if he used some puppets to help him explain it, as Glenn Beck used to do on his old Fox News show to reveal the “Soros conspiracy.” The Freedom Caucus is rebelling, the entire medical community is freaking out, conservative senators are telling Ryan to back off and start over and the White House is still trying to figure out where the light switches are.

In other words, they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Surprise! You thought it was just Trump, didn’t you?

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